IMARIS® Imaging Software for Life Sciences

Imaris is Bitplane's core scientific module that delivers all the necessary functionality for data visualization, analysis, segmentation and interpretation of FluoView 3D and 4D microscopy datasets. Combining speed, precision and ease-of-use, Imaris provides a complete set of features for working with three-and four-dimensional multi-channel images of any size, from a few megabytes to multiple gigabytes in size. Conveniently load, process and visualize data and images acquired from any FluoView system to gain new and groundbreaking insight from your image data.
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IMARIS Imaging Software Packages

Imaris 3D and 4D Real-Time Interactive Image Visualization

Base module provides essential views for rapid interactive inspection of the image data.

  • Handle extremely large 3D or 4D data sets tens of gigabytes in size or more
  • View images in the Slice, Section, or Gallery views and produce MIP (maximum intensity) or blend projections
  • Combine volume rendering, iso-surface rendering, clipping planes, spots, and slices in the interactive Surpass view.
  • Interactively adjust contrast and brightness on a per channel basis
  • Create complex movies with easy-to-use key-frame animator
  • Automatically identify and segment thousands of objects with a choice of multiple segmentation methods
  • Easily select and interact with objects in 3D space

Imaris MeasurementPro for Geometric and Intensity Measurement

This enhancement adds a set of high-performance tools to analyze multidimensional image data.

  • Obtain, view, and export statistics for points and surfaces such as volume, surface area, center of mass, ellipsoid axis length, ellipticity, and sphericity
  • Acquire precise measurements of intensity values for groups of selected volume elements (voxels)
  • Select objects of interest by clicking them in the visual image to immediately see their statistical parameters in the same window
  • Interactively sort and classify objects based on any calculated statistical parameter with immediate visual results
  • Attach points anywhere within an object or volume and quickly measure the distance between them
  • Build and measure 3D objects based on a 2D contour
  • Create custom masks to selectively include or exclude parts of the data set

Imaris InPress for Annotating Presentations and Publications

This integrated module enables you to place labels on 3D structures in 3D space.

  • Add annotations to any view
  • Customize comments with your choice of colors, fonts, styles, backgrounds or pointers
  • Store the exact 3D position and viewpoint for easy referencing at a future time
  • Export figures for quick reporting

Application-Specific Modules

ImarisTrack for Monitoring Temporal Changes in Biological Systems.

The most powerful commercially available live cell imaging, tracking and analysis software.

ImarisColoc Isolate, Visualize, and Quantify Colocalized Regions

Obtain accurate information about the position of stained tissue and cellular components.

ImarisXT Multifunctional Two-Way Interface to Classic Programming Languages

Allow for rapid development and integration of custom algorithms that are specific and tailored to scientific applications where generic image processing would fail.

FilamentTracer to Visualize and Measure Filamentous Structures

Detect, trace and analyze filament-like structures such as neurons.

AutoAligner for Preparation of 2D Images to 3D Visualization

Read a stack of digitally imaged serial sections and automatically align the single images, building up a 3D image.

Copyright info:
Imaris is a registered trademark of Bitplane AG.

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