Andor Revolution XD Spinning Disk Confocal

When it comes to live cell imaging, you need the best optics and a system with tight opto-electronic integration to capture those dynamic events. Olympus and Andor have built reputations for optical excellence and flexible system designs to meet the most challenging research needs. Collaboration between Olympus and Andor means outstanding support and true partnership for your research.
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  • Highly configurable and modular Olympus microscopes can expand and adapt to ever evolving research needs.
  • The IX81®ZDC2 with its continuous focus mode makes highly dynamic live cell imaging possible by keeping the sample constantly in focus.
  • Andor’s custom coupling optics ensure optical alignment and low chromatic aberration throughout the system.
  • Highly flexible laser combiner allows for the use of up to 6 lasers. Lasers may be added or exchanged to accommodate user needs.
  • Precision mounting system for optical train assures optimum alignment and flatness of field for inverted and upright scopes.
  • Tight synchronization of Andor Laser Combiner with Andor Cameras maximizes imaging conditions for speed and long time-lapse studies.
  • Highly configurable acquisition through MetaMorph® software.
  • High frame rates plus piezo Z capability make the Revolution XD a great solution for acquiring live multi-color 3D volumes over time.
  • Active blanking of the laser prevents light exposure when the camera is not acquiring an image.


  • Minimizing spherical aberration and delivering higher resolution at greater depths.
  • Improved optical performance for a range of applications including live cell confocal and differential interference contrast (DIC).
  • The 30x Silicone objective provides high N.A. allowing for macro observation.
  • Ideal for long-term time-lapse imaging.
  • Enhanced image resolution and contrast and fluorescence performance by adjusting correction collar.
  • A large numerical aperture and wide-ranging transmission capability from UV to IR.

These immersion objectives are designed exclusively for use with silicone oil, which has a refractive index even closer to live cells than that of water. Time-lapse observations become more reliable and less elaborate because silicone oil does not dry at 37° C and its refractive index remains constant. These objectives also offer a comprehensive solution for both macro and deep tissue observation in the fields of generative and regenerative science.

Silcone Immersion Oil
Refractive index: ne=1.406, 23°C
Net: 30 ml Low autofluorescence

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