CV1000  Spinning Disk Confocal

The CellVoyager™ CV1000 provides renowned Yokogawa spinning disk confocal imaging technology in an easy to use, incubated bench-top solution for live cell imaging. With its microlens enhanced dual Nipkow disk scanning technology, phototoxicity and photobleaching are drastically reduced, making it ideal for use in observing highly delicate life processes such as iPS/ES cell generation and embryogenesis. From multiple 35mm dishes to multi-well plates, the CV1000 has the throughput to handle some of your most demanding time-lapse research.

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Wide-area imaging of tissue sections

Interkinetic nuclear movement in the cerebral cortex of chicken

Interkinetic nuclear movement in the Cerebral cortex of chicken was observed for about 20 hours. Confocality and high-precision motorized stage movement of the CV1000, makes it possible to observe biological reactions in thick specimens.

Data Courtesy of Yuji Watanabe, PhD, Tohoku University, Development of Molecular Neurobiology, Graduate school of Life Sciences

Powerful yet Easy to Use CellVoyager CV1000

  • Medium to high throughput live cell imaging with renowned Yokogawa spinning disk technology.
  • Up to 3 fluorescent channels for either confocal or widefield fluorescence, plus brightfield.
  • Dedicated intuitive software to minimize training time.
  • Easy map view allows for highly flexible large field scanning.

Dual Disk option to optimize for up to 6 objectives

  • Motorized disk changer allows for changing pinhole size with one mouse click.
  • Up to 6 objectives can be mounted for varying magnification.

Renowned Olympus objectives for live cell imaging

  • Olympus boasts some unique and superior objectives for live cell imaging. The Silicone Oil Objectives, 30x 1.05 NA and 60x 1.30 NA, have proven performance in live cell applications, significantly improving performance over both water and oil objectives in many cases. The 30x objective has a very large working distance of 800 microns, while the 60x has a remarkable 300 microns at 1.3 NA. Please contact your local Olympus representative for optimized options for your research.
CellVoyager is a registered trademark of Yokogawa Electric Corporation

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