CV1000  Spinning Disk Confocal

The CellVoyager™ CV1000 provides renowned Yokogawa spinning disk confocal imaging technology in an easy to use, incubated bench-top solution for live cell imaging. With its microlens enhanced dual Nipkow disk scanning technology, phototoxicity and photobleaching are drastically reduced, making it ideal for use in observing highly delicate life processes such as iPS/ES cell generation and embryogenesis. From multiple 35mm dishes to multi-well plates, the CV1000 has the throughput to handle some of your most demanding time-lapse research.

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Confocal Scanner System



Main Unit

3-Color Model
2-Color Model
Single-Color Model
Basic Model
Confocal Scanning Method
Microlens enhanced dual Nipkow disk scanning
Scanning Speed
1,500 - 5,000 rpm (Max 1,000fps)*1
Excitation laswer Wavelength (nm)
Brightfield Imaging
LED transimission
Camera Type
Back-illuminated EMCCD
Cooled CCD
Effective No. of Pixels
512 x 512
1344 x 1024
High-precision auto XY stage
Designated resolution: 0.1μm
Z-axis Control

Motorized Z-axis control
Designated resolution: 0.1μm

Auto Focus
Detection of glass surface with laser + offset
Objective Lens

(Standard) Dry:10X
(Option) Up to 5 lenses can be added
Dry: 10X, 20X, 40X Oil: 20X, 40X, 60X

Water: 60X LWD: 20X, 40X
Stage Incubator*2
High-precision temperature controllable incubator

Range: 30-40°C
(Room temperature +5°C or higher)

Designated resolution: 0.1°C
Humidity Control
Forced humidification with a water bath unit
CO2 Mixing Unit
CO2 5% gas cylinder*3 CO2gas
External Dimensions (mm)
W580 x D835 x H532
Weight (kg)
Utility Box External Dimension(mm)
W319 x D368 x H518
W319 x D368 x H346
Weight (kg)
Control Software

Sets conditions for imaging, camera, time-lapse, environments*2, 3D imaging, map view acquisition, multi-color imaging, and multi-point imaging  Functions include image display.Output file type: 16bit TIFF

Work Station
Controller work station, Display (24" 1920x1200)
Operating Temperature
15 -35°C (When operating temperature is over 30°C, water cooling of the camera is required.)
Operating Humidity Level
20-70% RH (no condensation)
Power Consumption
100-240VAC/50 or 60Hz 1500VAmax
Pinhole change unit 50μm/25μm  Switching time: 2sec
Back-illuminated EMCCD Effective no. of pixels: 1024x1024

For Single 35mm dish with Stage incubator*2*4
For Triple 35mm dishes with Stage incubator*4
For Micro well plate
For Slide glass*5

*1 fsp: frame per second frame rate (Actual frame rate depends on the specification of the camera.)
*2 Option for basic model
*3 CO2 gas cylinder not included with CV1000 system
*4 When you use stage incubator, CO2 mixing unit is required
*5 Option for 3-color model, 2-color model and Single-color model

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