VS120 Darkfield Illuminator

Specifically designed for the imaging needs of neuroscientists, the VS120 Virtual Slide system can now be equipped with a unique Olympus Darkfield LED illuminator to create darkfield whole slide images of brain sections. Researches looking to study morphological structures of fluorescent or non-stained specimens, can attach the Darkfield illuminator to any VS110 or VS120 virtual slide system.
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High Resolution Imaging of Unstained and Fluorescent specimens

The VS120 Darkfield LED illuminator was specifically designed to solve a difficult problem for researchers; how to observe the morphological characteristics of unstained, fluorescent or DAB stained specimens with the advantages of a virtual slide. The VS120 is the first microscope based virtual slide system to offer this capability, making the system a robust option for researchers requiring the use of different imaging modalities.

The Olympus VS120 Darkfield illuminator is built into a 1-slide insert plate that can simply be attached to the stage of any VS110 or VS120 Virtual Slide System. An array LED illuminator light enters through the side of the slide glass, creating a total internal reflection in the glass and the camera observers the scattered light from the specimen. The darkfield images can easily be used in conjuction with brightfield or fluorescence images for a deeper understanding of both structure and function. An automated scanning can be completed easily through the VS-ASW scanning software. The VS120 Darkfield Illuminator works especially well with higher N.A obejctitives, 20x and 40x. 

The VS120 Darkfield Illuminator is a Special Order Product
*The VS120 is not for clinical diagnostic use

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