VS-NISSQL Server Software

The VS-NISSQL for the VS120 virtual slide system is a versatile image access and storage solution. The VS-NISSQL is a real client-server based data management system developed especially for virtual microscopy and ensures that even with large amounts of data and many users workflows run efficiently and securely.
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The Net Image Server (VS-NISSQL) for the Olympus VS120 system is a versatile image access and storage solution for digital virtual microscopy. This client-server-based data management system ensures that even with large amounts of data and multiple users, workflows run efficiently with outstanding data security. Since storage and traceability of images, reports and analytical results is vital, the VS-NISSQL platform incorporates a clear, easy-to-manage structure. The image data remains on the system, while only the required image is downloaded to the client computer; ensuring smooth data access is maintained, even when vast numbers of users are online. Images can easily be accessed, viewed and annotated with an internet browser or using OlyVIA, the free-of-charge image viewer. Each researcher can review the sample slide and control the position and magnifications, as if were a real slide. The VS-NISSQL comes with integrated security settings, giving tutors controlled access to image collections and related data.

Conferencing for up to 5 clients is included as standard in the VS-NISSQL solution. This can however be extended to allow for simultaneous access of up to 100 users. The moderator can guide participants through the displayed specimen, simultaneously on all clients'''' monitors.

Main Features and Benefits of VS-NISSQL:

  • Stable, secure and dependable
  • Outstanding speed of virtual slide image access
  • Easily configured to VS-ASW
  • Supports Microsoft® SQL Server 2003 (R2 32Bit), MS SQL 2005 Express/Standard and MS SQL 2008 Express/Standard
  • Password protection for access and management of digital
  • Standard authentication via SQL or Windows® authentication login
  • Supports customized database fields and user defined database structure
  • Conferencing
  • Provides web access for images
  • Supports a wide range of hardware server configurations

Not for clinical diagnostic use
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