MMI CellCut Plus

The MMI CellCut Plus laser microdissection system combines proven cutting-edge technologies for the precise isolation of single and groups of cells. The ultraprecise system is fast and easy to use for a wide variety of sample types including fresh frozen or paraffin embedded tissues, archived slides, cytospins, smears and live cells.

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sample preparation

Sample Preparation

The section is placed on the MMI MembraneSlide, a frame slide covered with a thin membrane that is inert and has negligible auto fluorescence. Afterwards the MMI MembraneSlide is inverted and placed onto a glass slide for protection against contamination. Now the sample is sandwiched between the membrane and the glass.

Easy Cell Selection

Easy Cell Selection

The cells of interest can be selected on the display using either the mouse, by freehand or predefined geometrical shapes which can be modified. Any number of cells across the slide can be identified as targets within one screening process. The stage is moving to trace the path drawn and the laser is fixed and focused from below.

Automated cutting

Automated Cutting

The thin laser cutting path enables a precise and gentle extraction of the selected cell at an outstanding speed. The isolated target cell is collected by lowering and lifting of the adhesive cap held from above. The sample morphology remains 100% intact.

Selected Target

Selected Target

After cutting the sample can be visualized on the cap. Lysis buffer is added and the tube inverted for approx. 10 mins. The cells are now in suspension ready for downstream processing.

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*MMI CellCult Plus is a Class 3B laser product.

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