MMI CellEctor Plus

The MMI CellEctor Plus is a microscope based capillary single cell sorting system for rapid recognition, acquisition and deposition of single or rare cells in suspension.

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Cell selection and auto recognition

1. Cell selection and auto recognition

Place an aliquot of the sample of cells in suspension directly onto a standard glass slide. Visualize the cells in either brightfield or fluorescence. Mark the cell of interest by clicking with the mouse. Autodetection can be achieved with the MMI CellExplorer Software designed for the auto recognition of single cells based on their color, morphology and relative size.

Ultra precise cell aspiration

2. Ultra precise cell aspiration

A glass capillary is used to aspirate the cells of interest directly. This is controlled by a high precision 3D robotic arm and ultra-precise cell pump. Both can be used in full manual mode, or semi or fully automatic. More adherent cells can be collected by reversing the position of the capillary and lowering it by a few microns to allow the cells to be released by scratching and pumping simultaneously.

Automated cell acquisition and deposition with full visual control

3. Automated cell acquisition and deposition with full visual control

The thin laser cutting path enables a precise and gentle extraction of the selected cell at an outstanding speed. The isolated target cell is collected by lowering and lifting of the adhesive cap held from above. The sample morphology remains 100% intact.

4. Molecular downstream analysis

For example: FISH, IHC, ISH, immuno fluorescence, Single Cell PCR

*MMI CellCult Plus is a Class 3B laser product.
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