The FluoView® FVMPE-RS is a multiphoton imaging system dedicated to high speed physiology and brain mapping applications. With both resonance and high speed multipoint mapping, the FVMPE-RS allows you to capture high speed full frame images and simultaneously stimulate for live optogenetic brain mapping. The dedicated MPE optics Deep Focus Mode and automated alignment ensure precise reproducible images to capture and stimulate brain physiology.
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One Laser System Dual Lines System Twin Lasers System
Laser Unit Qualified IR pulsed lasers with negative chirp for multiphoton excitation

Mode-locked Ti: sapphire laser [femtosecond laser (equipped with a group velocity compensation)], laser power unit, water-cooled circulating chiller

Spectra-Physics products:

MaiTai HP DS-OL: 690nm - 1040nm

MaiTai eHP DS-OL: 690nm - 1040nm

InSight DS-OL: 680nm - 1300nm

InSight DS Dual-OL: 680nm - 1300nm + 1040nm

Main IR pulsed laser MaiTai HP DS-OL
MaiTai eHP DS-OL
InSight DS-OL
InSight DS Dual-OL
MaiTai eHP DS-OL
InSight DS-OL
Additional IR line/ Laser: Use as second imaging line/laser or for simultaneous stimulation (optional SIM scanner) 1040nm fixed line from InSight DS Dual-OL MaiTai HP DS-OL
MaiTai eHP DS-OL
Automatic Introduction Optic Introduction optic with AOM attenuation (0% - 100%, 0.1% increment)Including fully automated beam expander, XY shifter and two axes angle alignment. (4 Axes Quadralign Auto Alignment optic) Direct coupling to laser port of scanning unit. Introduction optic with 2 sets of AOM attenuation (0% - 100%, 0.1% increment) Including 2 sets of fully automated beam expander, XY shifter and two axes angle alignment. (4 Axes Quadralign Auto Alignment optic) Direct coupling to laser port of scanning unit.
IR laser combining optic Motorized light path switcher, with DM900, DM1000R, DM1100 to combine two IR wavelength for imaging.
Optional Visible light laser for stimulation 405nm/ 50mW, 458nm/ 20mW, 588nm/ 20mW laser source with AOTF attenuation. 0% - 100%, 0.1% increment, < 2µs rising time
Scanning Unit Scanning Method Light deflection via 2 silver-coated galvanometer scanning mirrors, or silver-coated resonant scanning mirror.
Scanning Speed Galvanometer Scanner (Normal Imaging) : 512 x 512 with 1.1s - 264s. Pixel time : 2µs - 1000µs.
Resonant Scanner (High Speed Imaging) : 30fps at 512 x 512, 438fps at 512 x 32
Scanning Mode XY, XYZ, XYT, XYZT, free line, XZ, XT, XZT, PointT
Galvanometer Scanner (Normal Imaging) Galvanometer ROI scanning: Rectangle Clip, Ellipse, Polygon, Free Area, Line, FreeLine & Point.
Zoom: 1.0x - 50.0x with 0.01x increment, support 0° - 360° rotation and pan
Scanning Field Number: 18
Image Size: 64 x 64 - 4096 x 4096
Resonant Scanner (High Speed Imaging) Resonant ROI scanning: Rectangle Clip, Line.
Zoom: 1.0x - 8.0x with 0.01x increment
Scanning Field Number: 18
Image Size: 512 x 512
Optical Coating IR support optic with 1600 Coating.
Non Descanned MPE imaging detectors Reflected detection: 2 or 4 channel configuration: 2 PMTs configuration, 4 PMTs configuration or 2 PMTs + 2 cooled GaAsP-PMTs
Transmitted detection: 2 PMTs unit with high NA condenser.
Transmitted light detector Module with integrated external transmitted light photomultiplier detector and 100W Halogen lamp, motorized switching, fiber adaptation to microscope frame
Z-Drive Integrated motorized focus module of the microscope, minimum increment 0.01µm
Optional: highly rigid piezo nosepiese.
Control Unit CPU: Intel Xeon 4 core 3.6GHz, Memory: 12GB, Storage: 1TB HDD x2, 240GB SSD, Graphic Card: NVIDIA Quadro 600 1GB.
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64bit, Display: 30 inch
Hardware sequencer for highly precise timing repeatability control
Optional Simultaneous Stimulation Scanner Highly synchronized simultaneous stimulation scanner, including a set of Galvanometer Scanner, VIS and IR laser port.
ROI scanning: Rectangle Clip, Ellipse, Polygon, Tornado, Free Area, Line, FreeLine & Point.
Optional analog and digital in out box 4 channels analog signal input, 6 channels digital TTL trigger input, 5 channel digital TTL trigger output. Scanner timing output
Operation Environment Room temperature: 20 - 25°C, humidity: 75% or less at 25°C, requires continuous (24-hour) power supply
Size of Anti-vibration table 1500mm x 1650mm 1500mm x 1650mm 1500mm x 2000mm
Software Basic Feature Dark room matching GUI design. User arrangeable layout.
Acquisition parameter reload features. Hard disk recording capability, Adjust laser power and HV with Z-Stack acquisition.
Z-Stack with alpha blending, Maximum intensity projection, Iso-Surface rendering
IR laser controlling Fully integrated IR laser wavelength control and Deep Focus Mode
Optional Motorized Stage software XY motorized stage control, Map image acquisition for easy target locating. Tiling acquisition and software image stitching.
Define multiple area for time lapse imaging.
Optional Mapping and Multiple point stimulation software Multiple point stimulation and data acquisition software. Mapping multiple point stimulation to generate reaction map. Filtering feature to select points.
Multiple point stimulation. Single or repeat stimulation. Each point independent stimulation wavelength selection.
Optional Sequencer Manager Advanced programmable software to define multiple imaging/stimulation tasks and execute by hardware sequencer.
Minimum gap 100ms delay between tasks.
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