MicroProbe Objectives

Blood vessels (red) and enterocytes (green) imaged using a 20X MicroProbe objective inserted within a small incision in the wall of the jejunum. Image captured by Dr. Herlen Alencar, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.

Minimally invasive, high-resolution
imaging deep within live animals

  • True lens technology, not GRIN lenses, these objectives have slim diameter tips of 1.3mm (6X and 20X) and 3.5mm (27X), all with working distance of 200 microns.
  • Allows observation of various fluorescence signatures where standard objectives cannot reach.
  • Transmission and chromatic correction throughout visible and near-infrared (NIR) spectra (450-1000nm) provide excellent image quality.


Model Lens Diameter N.A. W.D.(mm) Practical Field
of View (mm)
Immersion Media Magnification
IV10-MP27X35 3.5 0.70 0.2 0.22 Water 27X
IV10-MP20X13 1.3 0.50 0.2 0.20 Water 20X
IV10-MP6X13 1.3 0.13 0.2 0.67 Water 6X

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Specialty Objectives Brochures (PDF) (1.2MB)

  • BX3 fits meDP80
  • special promoLV200
  • VS120 Slide Systemfvmpe_rs
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  • CX22cellsens Digital Imaging Software