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The Olympus stereomicroscope series is designed to increase contrast and resolution for obtaining the highest image quality during macro observation at low magnification, as well as optimum resolution at high magnification. Enhanced versatility is assured by high zoom ranges and increased focal depth. The new features, automated options and eco-friendly lighting allow for high level application-oriented imaging and digital archiving tasks.

MVX10® Stereomicroscope

  • Research Macro Zoom Fluorescence
  • High NA
  • Long working distance
  • Larger fields of view
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SZX16® Stereomicroscope

  • Advanced research
  • Maximum NA of 0.30
  • Resolution of 900 line pairs/mm
  • Zoom ratio of 16.4:1
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SZX10 Stereomicroscope

  • Routine research
  • High NA of 0.2
  • Resolution of 600 line pairs/mm
  • Zoom ratio of 10:1
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SZX7 Stereomicroscope

  • Best zoom ratio in its class
  • System modularity
  • Abundant accessories
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SZ61/SZ51® Stereomicroscopes

  • “Comfort View” eyepiece
  • Compact design
  • Excellent flatness and depth of field
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