Super Corrective 60x0 Objective Lens

Delivering optimal colocalization performance levels
out to an unprecedented 405nm excitation wavelength

  • Enhanced point spread function optimized with Olympus FV1000 for confocal imaging at ulttraviolet wavelengths and improved brightness to field periphery
  • Chromatic aberration compensated to less than 0.1-0.2µm within the range of 405-650nm
  • Images down to 405nm greatly benefit from highly improved optical performance with better flatness and virtually no shadowed areas at periphery


Model Magnification N.A. W.D.(mm) Field Number Compensation Chromatic Aberration Medium Immersion Media Operating Temperature
PLAPON60XOSC 60X 1.4 0.12 22 On-Axis ≤
Off-Axis ≤ 0.2µm
& F.N.6
must be used
Oil 23°C±3°C

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