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Patented and proven Dust Reduction System uses our Supersonic Wave Filter (SWF) to loosen and remove any and all dust and debris from the image sensor. The SWF vibrates at a rate of 35,000 times per second upon start-up as well as when manually activated - and is unnoticeable to the user - for clear, aberration-free images. This removal of dust also means you never have to worry about changing lenses because if anything gets in, the SWF will get it out.

The advanced 8 megapixel full frame transfer CCD uses less space on the chip for data transfer and instead utilizes more of the pixel area to capture data, thereby resulting in images with a higher sensitivity, higher dynamic range, lower noise and better overall quality.
Capture sharp, detailed photos quickly. The exclusive TruePic TURBO Image Processor provides accelerated performance such as a faster start-up time, rapid shot-to-shot speed, and quicker playback of smooth, detail-rich photos.
  • Get great photos while barely lifting a finger with 15 scene modes. Just select the one you want from the menu - Beach and Snow, Portrait, Landscape, Sports and more - and press the shutter button. That's it.
  • For a bit more say in your photos' appearance, choose between 6 basic modes (Auto, Landscape, Portrait, Night Scene Portrait, Macro, and Sports) while still leaving the aperture and shutter speed settings to the camera itself.
  • Exercise total control with creative modes like Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manual.
  • A large, high-resolution 2.5" LCD provides a big canvas with which to review and share pictures and features HyperCrystal technology so you can even do so up to a 160-degree viewing angle, left to right and up and down. The big screen also makes it easier to use the menu, identify icons and adjust settings.
  • Compatible with the largest selection of digital specific lenses anywhere. Each Zuiko lens is precision-crafted to deliver pristine images and is perfectly matched to the camera's image sensor for amazing sharpness and color from one edge of the image to the other.
  • Shoot using any of five metering modes including the new 49-point Digital ESP metering, center-weighted average metering, spot metering, highlight spot metering (for clean, true whites with detail), and shadow spot metering (for rich blacks with detail).
  • Add dramatic effects of color to your black-and-white pictures such as sepia, blue, green, and purple using Black-and-White filter modes.
  • Automatic pop-up flash provides just the right amount of illumination when necessary and remains out of the way (closed) when not.
  • Select the level of lighting you want via any of the seven (7) available flash modes.
  • Stable and lightweight body is designed with ergonomic styling and an advanced grip making it extremely comfortable to handle and use.
  • Dual Media Slots let you capture, store, and backup photos on an xD-Picture Card, CompactFlash card or both.
  • R, G, B Histogram available with both highlight and shadow waning.
  • PictBridge-compatible.
  • Select from left, center, or right Auto Focus points either automatically or manually.
  • Use the AF Illuminator to focus in dim light or darkness.
  • Shoot using any of five focus modes: C-AF, S-AF, MF, S-AF+MF, C-AF+MF.
  • Choose White Balance or Preset White Balance with the exclusive one-touch WB button on the back of the camera.
  • Eliminate unwanted image noise with Noise Reduction.
  • Control color saturation, contrast and sharpness levels separately for each file by selecting any of three available color parameters: Vivid (for printer-ready colors); Natural (for true, accurate colors); and Muted (ideal for Photoshop® users who enhance/scale images).
  • Use the five most popular Monochrome modes - Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, and Normal (no filter) - to expand your ability to add even more drama to your black-and-white pictures.
  • Choose your preference from two color space settings, sRGB or Adobe RGB, for desired results.
  • Customize the settings that best suit your subject with Contrast, Sharpness and Tone Controls.
  • Select the format that best suits your needs: JPEG, RAW, JPEG+RAW, TIFF.
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