Guaranteed Accuracy


The automotive, aerospace, electronics, metal fabrication, chemical, glass, and ceramic industries all rely on industrial microscopes for critical material inspection and analysis.

The Olympus DSX1000 digital microscope has become the tool of choice for failure analysis, used to perform high-resolution analysis that can uncover extremely subtle material defects. The detection of these defects helps ensure not just material component performance but also the safety of end-users around the world. Accuracy is critical.

The DSX1000 provides a number of critical advantages over conventional digital microscopes including an all-in-one low- and high-magnification range; high resolution and long working distance in one objective; multiple observation methods at all magnifications; and guaranteed accuracy and repeatability at all magnifications.

Speed, combined with guaranteed measurement accuracy and precision, makes the DSX1000 digital microscope the ideal choice for industrial inspection.

Guaranteed Accuracy