Rugged & Revolutionary


Analyzing metals and alloys in the field means working under extremely harsh conditions and tight deadlines with little margin for error.

The Olympus Vanta™ XRF instrument is a revolutionary handheld element analyzer that delivers laboratory-quality results while withstanding extreme weather, water, dirt and debris, rough surfaces, and jostles and bumps. When environmental, industrial, and consumer safety are at stake, accurate, efficient material testing is of paramount importance.

The Vanta XRF’s Axon™ technology uses ultra-low-noise electronics enabling higher X-ray counts per second for fast, accurate, repeatable results. Axon technology coupled with a new quad-core processor make the Vanta XRF remarkably responsive, pushing the limits of performance so inspectors get the best results in the least amount of time. The Vanta XRF provides remarkable test-to-test and instrument-to-instrument repeatability.

With intuitive navigation and configurable software, the Vanta XRF is easy to use, requires minimal training, and delivers high throughput. The Vanta XRF delivers accurate results and helps boost productivity no matter the environment or working conditions.

Ruggedly Revolutionary