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Olympus Announces Collaboration with Visiopharm for Cloud Image Analysis, Stereology and Easy-to-Use Microscopy APPs

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., June 24, 2013 – Olympus has announced a collaboration that allows users of its leading VS120 Virtual Slide System to access powerful quantitative microscopy software and workflow enhancements from Visiopharm (Hørsholm, Denmark) in the Cloud. Registered users who log on to the new Cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) system receive immediate access to the latest version of Visiopharm's entire suite of image analysis and stereology software through a centralized remote server-based account. Visiopharm Cloud software will support a wide variety of research applications in fields as varied as oncology research, respiratory research, neuroscience and skeletal research.

Breast PgR-DAB, Pos Ratio (N, A). Image captured using Olympus VS120 Virtual Slide System and Visiopharm software.
Not only is Cloud analysis efficient, easy to access and browser independent, it also has very low entry costs. Users can pay as they go, doing analysis and storing data only for as long as they need it, with full data backup and complete security. The need for local IT installation and support is eliminated, and user authentication is secure. The software can handle analysis on virtual slides that either reside locally or are uploaded to the Cloud.

The Olympus-Visiopharm collaboration also includes access to Visiopharm's APPCenter. The APPCenter has an extensive and growing library of Analysis Protocol Packages (APPs) which provide easy-to-use, standardized protocols for dozens of the most important and popular research microscopy image capture and analysis tasks. APPs can be “test-driven” in advance before the user makes a commitment, and each APP also can be modified quickly in collaboration with Visiopharm to meet individual research needs. Data from use of the APPs can be stored locally or on the Cloud.

“Olympus and Visiopharm have a long-standing and robust collaboration,” said Pia Rinta-Panttila, product manager at Olympus. “The unmatched user-friendliness and image quality of the Olympus VS120 system is perfectly matched with both Cloud and locally deployed image analysis and stereology tools from Visiopharm. Taken together, they open new doors for researchers using whole slide imaging, making it more flexible, cost-effective and simple.”

The modular VS120 system creates virtual slides - high-resolution digital images of complete specimens that can be stored electronically either on the Cloud or a central server for simultaneous viewing anywhere in the world, at a range of magnifications. The system is designed to provide outstanding performance for brightfield, darkfield and fluorescence microscopy, combined with precise color rendition and scanning. The VS120 allows automated scanning at 2x, 10x, 20x and 40x magnifications and Virtual Slides can be shared easily with fellow researchers over the Internet.

For more information on the Olympus VS120 Virtual Slide System and cost-effective, powerful Cloud image analysis, stereology and protocols from Visiopharm, contact Pia Rinta-Panttila, Olympus America Inc. Email: pia.rinta-panttila@olympus.com, phone 484-896-5292, or visit www.olympusamerica.com/visiopharm.


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