The day that was February 28, 2002 was no ordinary day. It was a day that changed the landscape of photography and a day that, hopefully, improves the landscape of Africa and its fight against AIDS. For on that day, one hundred of the world's top photographers traveled to 53 nations in Africa and tried to visually capture its beauty, its people, and its personality - all within 24 hours. The result is a stunning collection of photographs gracing the pages of A Day in the Life of Africa, the first-ever "Day in the Life" book shot digitally.

The group of photojournalists selected for such an important mission featured more than a dozen Pulitzer Prize and World Press Photo winners, along with members of various prestigious photo agencies. Each was provided with a complete digital solution from Olympus to assist them in their endeavor, including an E-20 digital SLR camera and additional equipment such as wide-angle and telephoto converter lenses and a portable P-200 dye-sublimation printer. For many of the participants, this event marked the first time they shot professionally with a digital camera, making it even more historic.

Outfitted with these digital tools, the photographers journeyed across the continent and proved they were more than up to the task. The many beautiful landscapes, from the pyramids and Sphinx in Giza and other African cities to the deep jungles of the land, provided the perfect backdrops for amazing pictures. The markets of Marrakech and crowded Congo riverboats supplied interesting looks into economic and social environments. And access to homes, schools, and workplaces throughout the regions presented unique glimpses into the many diverse ways of life.

More than 50,000 digital images were taken on that day, with over 250 of them (a mix of color and black-and-white) appearing in what is the 14th installment of the "Day in the Life" series - the best-selling photo book series in history. In addition to the photographs, A Day in the Life of Africa includes a foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and an introduction by Kofi A. Annan, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Secretary-General, United Nations. All proceeds from book sales will go towards funding AIDS education programs in Africa in an effort to raise awareness and fight against the pandemic disease.

Coinciding with the book's release will be a variety of press-related events further promoting the book and its ever-important messages. Photos and other information will be available in magazines such as National Geographic and American Photo, on websites including and, and provided via additional platforms such as the PhotoPlus trade show in NYC and on television by Good Morning America.


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