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FE-46 Features

  • 12 Megapixel
    Superb image quality with a high-resolution, 12 megapixel CCD. No worries about losing clarity or detail when making enlargements or when cropping.
  • 5x Optical Zoom
    Powerful 5x optical zoom brings you super close to the scene or the action without having to move at all.
  • 2.7" LCD
    The LCD Backlight Boost Button combined with a 2.7", High-Resolution LCD vastly improves your ability to effectively compose and share photos even in direct sunlight.
  • xD / microsSD Cards
    xD-Picture Card compatibility along with an optional adapter for microSD memory cards lets the FE-46 enter new worlds of electronic storage.
  • Intelligent Auto + Shadow Adjustment
    Intelligent Auto + Shadow Adjustment Technology identifies the scene and adjusts the settings for picture perfect results every time.
  • Advanced Face Detection
    Advanced Face Detection enables you to shoot group portraits with as many as 16 people in the shot, for the sharpest people pictures you can get.
  • AF Tracking
    With AF Tracking, the camera automatically tracks moving subjects and adjusts the focus and brightness settings to capture those subjects in sharp detail.
  • Digital Image Stabilization
    The Digital Image Stabilization feature uses higher ISO and faster shutter speeds to capture sharp, blur-free images, even when you’re chasing moving targets.
  • Movie & Sound
    Shoot VGA movies with sound and share them with all your friends, family and coworkers. Or better yet, share your movies on YouTube™, using the included Olympus Master™ 2 Software.
  • Magic Filters
    Magic Filters give you the flexibility and creativity to be flexible and creative in your photo efforts by applying filter effects such as Pop Art, Pinhole or Wedding.
  • 20 Shooting Modes
    There are 20 shooting modes built right in, so that you can photograph just about any kind of scene you’d like—everything from sports photography to macro photography and many other photo specialties in between.
  • Perfect Fix
    Perfect Fix makes perfect pictures possible by activating two different editing features, post shot, to correct red-eye, and lighting – no software necessary.
  • High ISO (1600)
    An ISO up to 1600 delivers razor-sharp, crystal-clear exposure, regardless of subject movement or low-light conditions.
  • In-Camera Help Guides
    And if you feel the need for a little extra advice, the camera’s on-board Help Guides will briefly describe the camera’s features and settings at the touch of a button.
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