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C-3000 Zoom

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Technical Specs

Olympus CAMEDIA C-3000 ZOOM
Product Type: Digital camera with 4.5cm/1.8-inch color TFT LCD monitor
Memory: 3V (3.3V) SmartMedia (SSFDC) card (2MB, 4MB, 8MB, 16MB, 32MB and 64MB). One 8MB card including Panorama function is supplied with camera
Recording System: Still image; JPEG (DCF: Design rule for Camera File system); TIFF (non-compressed); DPOF support (Digital Print Order Form rule); Motion picture; QuickTime movie JPEG with sound, 4 sec. of sound with still image; wave format
Number of storable pictures with 8MB SmartMedia card:
  • 0: TIFF 2048x1536 uncompressed
  • 1: TIFF 1600x1200 uncompressed
  • 2: TIFF 1280x960 uncompressed
  • 3: TIFF 1024x768 uncompressed
  • 8: TIFF 640x480 uncompressed
  • 3 or more: SHQ 2048x1536; 2.7:1 JPEG
  • 10 or more: HQ 2048X1536; 8:1 JPEG
  • 5 or more: SQ1 high 1600x1200 low compression
  • 15 or more: SQ1 normal 1600x1200 std. compression
  • 8 or more: SQ1 high 1280x960 low compression
  • 24 or more: SQ1 normal 1280x960 std. compression
  • 13 or more: SQ2 high 1024x768 low compression
  • 38 or more: SQ2 normal 1024x768 std. compression
  • 33 or more: SQ2 high 640x480 low compression
  • 82 or more: SQ2 normal 640x480 std. compression
Image pickup element: 1/1.8-inch CCD solid-state image pickup 3.34 million pixel (effective 3.24 million pixel) (Interlaced CCD-Square Pixels-CMYbG)
White balance: iESP Multi-pattern full-auto TTL, manual (daylight, overcast, tungsten light, fluorescent light)
Lens: Olympus lens 6.5-19.5mm 2.8, 8-elements in 6 groups (equivalent to 32-96mm lens on 35mm camera)
Digital Zoom: 1-2.5x (continuous zooming from maximum optical zoom)
Photometric system: Digital "ESP" Multi-pattern matrix metering system and spot metering
Exposure control: Programmed auto exposure, aperture priority, shutter priority, +/- 2Ev by 1/3EV steps exposure compensation; auto bracketing: selectable from 1/3EV, 2/3EV and 1EV; 3 or 5 images; aperture priority: wide; F2.8-11.0, Tele: F2.8-11.0, 1/3EV steps; shutter priority: still image: 1-1/800sec. (used with mechanical shutter), 1/3EV steps; manual exposure: shutter speed up to 16 sec.; motion JPEG image mode: 1/30-1/10,000 sec.
ISO: Auto, user selectable; 100, 200, 400 equivalent ISO
Focusing: iESP Multi-pattern TTL system autofocus (contrast detection system) with focusing range: 8"/0.2m-(infinity)
Working range: Standard mode: 30"/0.8-(infinity); macro mode: 8"/0.2-30"/0.8 m
Viewfinder: Optical real-image viewfinder (close-up correction marks, autofocus mark/backlighting correction mark); LCD monitor
LCD monitor: 4.5cm/1.8-inch wide-view color TFT LCD monitor with 114,000 pixels (made from low-temperature poly-silicon); brightness adjustment is possible
Flash modes: Built-in flash: auto-flash (low- and back-light), red-eye reducing flash, off, fill-in; External terminal (FL-40): off, auto, foced-fill activation; Slow Synchronization: (first-curtain synchronization effect, second-curtain synchronization effect)
Flash working range: Wide; appox. 0.8-5.6m, telephoto; approx. 0.2-3.8m (ISO 100)
Battery charging time for flash: Less than 6 seconds (at normal temp. with new battery), LB-01 performs best
Sequence mode: 1.2 frames per sec. up to 2 frames; 1.2 second shot to shot at all times (SQ and HQ only); 7 sec. between shots (SHQ-TIFF)
Motion picture mode: Format: QuickTimeTM Motion JPEG; HQ: 320x240 pixels, 15 frame/sec. up to approx. 15 sec.; SQ: 160x120 pixels, 15 frame/sec. up to approx. 60 sec.
Image effect: Sepia mode, B&W, Black board mode, White board mode
Self-timer/remote control: 12-second delay/2 sec. with included RM-1 remote controller operation
Setting memorization: Possible (hold or reset)
Outer connector: DC input terminal, data input/output terminal (RS232C), USB interface; Video/Autio output terminal (NTSC), external flash terminal for FL-40 (optional cable)
Operating environment: Operation: 0 - 40 C, 30-90%; Storage: -20 - 60 C, 10-90%
Power Supply: Main power source: 2x lithium battery CR-V3 (LB-01) or 4 Olympus AA Ni-MH batteries/4 AA lithiium batteries/4 AA alkaline batteries/4 AA Ni-Cd batteries/Optional 7AU-AC adapter (Manganese batteries cannot be used)
Date/Time/Calendar: Simultaneous recording onto image data
Automatic calendar system: Up to year 2030
Dimensions: 4.3" (W) x 3" (H) x 2.6" (D) /
109.5mm (W) x 76.4mm (H) x 66.4mm (D) - (excluding protrusions)
Weight 10.6 oz./
300 grams (without batteries and SmartMedia card)

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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