Frankly stated, dust has been an annoying and frustrating issue for digital SLR users since the beginning. But only Olympus has incorporated proven dust-reduction technology into all of its E-System cameras that virtually eliminates dust and debris from your images forever.

No matter where you shoot, in your living room, on the soccer field, or in the desert, you can be sure dust is in the air. This poses a huge problem to digital SLR users because of the ability to change lenses.

With each swap of a new lens comes a new opportunity for dust and other debris to settle on the camera’s image sensor where it can significantly impact your pictures. Anything from smudges to specks can appear on photos, and usually in the most undesirable of locations such as on a subject’s face, and would require a considerable amount of time to remove using an image-editing program, if it can be edited at all.

Located between the shutter and the image sensor, our exclusive Supersonic Wave FilterTM – a sort of “digital duster” – uses a high-speed vibration that shakes dust and other particles that might settle on the image sensor, causing them to fall away.

The vibration is unnoticeable to the user and occurs at a rate of 35,000 times per second. This vibration automatically takes place each time the camera is powered up, and can also be manually initiated through the camera’s menu. As these particles descend from the image sensor, they are conveniently caught by an adhesive material where they remain out of harm’s way. In doing so, you can capture vivid, dust-free pictures with every press of the shutter button.

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