Pictures are meant to be seen. Thatís why Olympus digital cameras* are built with a super clear HyperCrystal LCD that makes colors and details shine their brightest...all the time.
The Finest Quality.
Cutting-edge technology is at the heart of the incredibly clear and crisp view provided by our HyperCrystal LCD. Much like the immediate difference you see when viewing images on an HDTV in comparison to a standard television screen, the distinction between your photos on our HyperCrystal LCD as opposed to them being viewed on a typical display panel are night and day.

Let the Sun Shine.
HyperCrystal LCDís feature semi-transmissive technology, meaning the LCD utilizes an additional layer that reflects light from any external light source Ė both indoors and outdoors - to enhance the brightness of the LCD for a remarkably sharp view of images and movies, even in direct sunlight.
Visible from Almost Any Angle.
The HyperCrystal LCD is designed to offer a wider viewing angle without glare or shadow. This means your images and movies appear crisp and clear on the LCD to anyone viewing them up to a 160-degree angle, left to right or up and down.
For a simulation of the HyperCrystal LCD in action, mouse over the cameras.
Simulation only.

*Olympus digital cameras featuring a HyperCrystal LCD include: Stylus Verve, Stylus 500, Stylus Verve S, Stylus 800,
EVOLT E-300, and EVOLT E-500.

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