Product Support


Product: FE-100 [ change ]
Operating System: Apple® Macintosh™ [ change ]


Adobe Reader® is required to download these items. The program is available as a free download from Adobe's web site.

Downloads Available:
Upgrade OLYMPUS Master/OLYMPUS Master Plus to Version 1.4 (January 2006)
New features will be added following the upgrade including:
  • 3D function added.
  • Art function added.
  • Emboss effect is added to Insert Text function.
  • Auto Tone Correction function of Plus version is standard-equipped.

FE-100 Firmware Update 1.1
Improve the AF accuracy and the AE accuracy of the flash by following the instructions for this firmware upgrade (10/05). Windows 98SE/ Me/2000/ XP; MacOS OS X 10.2 or later.

FE-100 Firmware Update Version 1.2
The problem downloading images when “From Camera” is selected in OLYMPUS Master has been solved. There are no problems related to downloading images when “From Media” is selected.

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