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What are the main features of this model?

The DS-61 features a removable stereo microphone styled to match the design of the recorder. When the stereo microphone is removed, the recorder switches to a discreet, built-in monaural microphone for recording dictation. The stereo microphone can also be connected with an optional RS29 Remote Controller that controls the RECORD and STOP functions.

The DS-61 includes accessibility features to make it easier for use by the visually impaired. Buttons feature ridges and grooves to make them more identifiable by touch. The recorder's Voice Guide can be set to announce buttons' functions when pressed, further aiding navigation by touch.

The recorder also has an Audible folder, permitting the download of audio content purchased from®. The Music folder permits download of WMA (Windows Media Audio) and mp3 music files using Windows Media Player.

The bundled DSS Player version 7 software can be used to manage, archive, and edit audio files made with the recorder. Files can be downloaded to the software via a bundled USB 2.0 cable. The software also enables subscription to and download from podcast URLs. The podcasts can be transferred to the recorder for playback at the user's convenience

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What enhancements does the PLUS upgrade to DSS Player offer?

Purchasing the DSS Player v.7 PLUS upgrade adds the following features to the version of DSS Player bundled with the DS-61:

  • Splitting files--Individual audio files can be split into smaller units. This is especially useful if a file is longer than the capacity of an audio CD used for archiving.
  • Joining files--Individual audio files can be joined together into a longer single file. This is useful when there are many short recordings on a similar topic that would be more convenient to archive or share as a single audio file. Files that are to be joined must be recorded in the same quality mode.
  • Voice Recognition--Creates compatibility with voice-to-text applications IBM ViaVoice® 10 or Dragon NaturallySpeaking® 8 and 9 Preferred.

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What is Voice Recognition?

Voice Recognition is technology that enables an application to "listen" to the playback of an audio dictation file and convert its contents to a text document. DSS Player version 7 is compatible with IBM ViaVoice® Pro USB Edition 10, and Dragon NaturallySpeaking® versions 8 and 9 Preferred.

The Voice Recognition software must be trained to understand individual speakers. The applications can create accounts for individual speakers who have read prepared text under controlled conditions into the digital voice recorder to be used. Corrections to the text by the transcriptionist can be incorporated by the voice-to-text software to "learn" how the dictator speaks. If the users correct their own text files, they can also learn to enunciate words so the software can better understand the speech and increase the accuracy of the text file.

Voice Recognition performs poorly in meeting or lecture situations because of the presence of untrained voices and varying acoustics that will confuse the software.

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What is EUPHONY?

The DS-61 features EUPHONY MOBILE - a psychacoustic surround sound system that combines bandwidth correction, expansion technology, and virtual acoustic source technology to allow the listener to alter the audio dynamics when playing back recordings. EUPHONY creates a natural, expansive feel so listeners are less prone to experience a closed-in feeling or growing tired over extended listening sessions, such as playing audio books. The options are: OFF, NATURAL, WIDE, and POWER.

EUPHONY is only applied during playback. It cannot be used, and its effects cannot be saved, when recording.

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What is Intro Play?

Intro Play enables quick searches for files in the recorder's folders by playing only the first few seconds of a recording. When Intro Play is enabled, simply selecting a file in the folder's file list will automatically play the begining of the file without requiring the [PLAY] button being pressed. The selectable options are 3 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, and Off.

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What is VCVA?

Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA) is a function that configures the recorder to record automatically only when sound is detected at a pre-set level, and stop when the sound drops below the threshold level. The purpose of the function is to eliminate "dead air" during recordings, thereby conserving memory and shortening file times.

VCVA is enabled in the recorder's menu. In the DS-61, the VCVA can be set to any of 15 different values. The higher the value, the more sensitive the recorder is to sounds. At the highest level, even the faintest sound will activate recording.

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What is the function of the LowCut filter?

The recorder has a LowCut Filter function to minimize low-frequency sounds and record voices more clearly. This function can reduce noise from air conditioners, projectors, and other types of "white noise."

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What is the function of the Voice Filter?

The Voice Filter cuts low- and high-frequency tones to create a playback frequency range encompassing only the tones that can be produced by the human voice. This makes playback of dictation recordings clearer. Voice Filter works in all playback speeds.

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What is the function of Noise Cancel?

Noise Cancel can be enabled to reduce background noise in recordings made in noisy surroundings. In effect, the function treats the loudest sounds as the most important and reduces other sounds to make the dictation clearer.

The Noise Cancel options are OFF, LOW, and HIGH. The options are set in the recorder's menu. The LOW or HIGH settings remain valid until Noise Cancel is set to OFF. Noise Cancel is not available while the Voice Filter is set, and it cannot be used during Slow or Fast playback.

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What are Index Marks and Temp Marks?

Index Marksare digital tags that can be inserted while recording or during playback. They are used to skip forward and backward in recordings to pre-selected points. Up to 16 Index Marks can be added to a single file.

Index marks cannot be placed in files created on machines other than Olympus digital voice recorders. This means that they cannot be placed in podcasts. Instead Temp Marks can be placed in podcasts to temporarily remember desired locations. Up to 16 Temp Marks can be added to a single file.

Both Index Marks and Temp Marks are inserted using the [INDEX] button on the recorder. Index Marks and Temp Marks cannot be added in the Audible function.

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What is the purpose of the Audible folder?

The Audible folder is present to download and play audio content from the® website ( is a source for audio books and audio newspaper and magazine articles. Audible also has web sites for the United Kingdom, France, and Germany that offer content in other languages.

Audible files are not managed by the DSS version 7 software. When users purchase a subscription to, they receive Audible Manager software. The DS-30, DS-40, DS-50, DS-61, and DS-71 are listed in the Mobile Device listing in Audible Manager. Audible Manager is used to download audio content from and transfer files to the recorder's Audible folder.

When the Audible folder is selected on the recorder, the recorder automatically switches to the Audible mode. The Audible mode is able to play the downloaded Audible files in any of the three formats used by Audible. The different modes determine the quality and file size properties of the downloaded files. Only those Audible files that have a .aa file extension are displayed in the Audible mode.

Re-Playable Audible File Formats

Mode Codec
ACELP (8.5 kbps)
ACELP (16 kbps)
MP3 (32 kbps)

When a content file is transferred to the recorder, a .pos file is created to record the playback position of a file. This allows the recording to take up where it had left off during a prior listening session.

Technical support for the Web site, software and content download process is not provided by Olympus Digital Technical Support.

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