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D-590 Zoom

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How many pictures can I take with a fully-charged battery?

You can shoot approximately 150 pictures. Many variables can diminish this number such as flash and LCD operating time as well as cold temperatures.

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What are the major differences between the D-580 and the D-590 Zoom?

The D-590 replaces the sliding lens barrier with a new circular lens cover that folds into the camera body and an on/off switch on the front of the camera. It includes a speaker for audio playback and the viewfinder has been replaced by a brighter LCD screen that allows viewing in full sunlight. The camera is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery which results in a more compact camera size.

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The D-590 Zoom does not have a viewfinder. Why?

Eliminating the optical viewfinder reduces the size of the camera while providing room for a large 1.8 inch Semi-Transmissive LCD display which provides a bright, clear display even in sunlight. Using the LCD display also results in accurate framing, particularly in Macro modes.

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What are the benefits of TruePic Turbo?

TruePic Turbo is the new engine designed to be approximately 30% faster than the TruePic engine. TruePic Turbo speeds up the camera’s start-up, shutter lag, recording and playback time while continuing to deliver clear smooth image results every time. The TruePic Turbo engine also has an advanced noise filter for enhanced image quality.

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Can I use add-on lenses or filters with the D-590 Zoom?

No. The D-590 Zoom is not intended to use optional optics.

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What are my zoom options?

The D-590 Zoom has two zoom systems—a 3x optical zoom and a 4x digital zoom. Digital zoom brings the subject even closer:when the lens has reached the end of its optical zoom it seamlessly continues zooming digitally up to a total effective 12x zoom. Digital zoom enlarges the center of the image by digitizing the image captured by the camera, so pictures taken using digital zoom may appear grainy as a result.

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What should I do if I cannot focus on a particular object?

You can use “focus lock.” When the subject you want to focus on is not in the center of the monitor you can put the autofocus target mark on the subject and press the shutter button halfway down. When the green dot in the upper left hand corner of the LCD screen lights steadily the focus is locked. Now, while still holding the shutter button halfway down, recompose the photo and shoot. Holding the shutter button down halfway locks in the focus and exposure information which is then applied when the shutter is pressed down all the way to take the photo.

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What is the focusing distance in Macro mode when using the D-590 Zoom?

When you want to use the Macro mode to shoot a closeup of a subject (such as a flower) you have a working range of 7.8 inches to infinity. When the camera is set in the Macro Mode you can shoot landscape, action shots, portraits and extreme close-ups without having to reset the camera. You can even shoot movies in the Macro Mode.

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What is Super Macro mode?

Super Macro mode will allow you to take photos more closely than the Macro mode. The working range is 3.5 inches to 19.7 inches. The lens will automatically set to telephoto and the flash will not operate.

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Can I shoot panoramic pictures with the D-590 Zoom?

Yes.You can connect up to 10 pictures with overlapping edges into a single panoramic image using the D-590 Zoom with an Olympus xD Picture Card and Olympus Master software. The Olympus brand xD Picture Cards have a function built-in that, combined with the Olympus Master software, makes stitching panoramic images automatic.

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What are the Scene Modes?

The 10 preset Scene Modes provide fully automatic exposure adjustments to make it possible to capture the best shot in a variety of settings. When a mode is selected the camera will capture images with specific pre-programmed settings such as ISO speed, color balance and flash function that will result in images shot with optimum settings.

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What is the best situation for using each of the Scene Modes?

The individual shooting modes apply various default settings that yield optimum results when shooting certain subject matter or in certain environments.

All you need to do is press the shutter button. The camera automatically selects the optimum settings.

Suitable for taking a full-frame portrait of a person. Ideal for capturing accurate skin tones.

Suitable for taking a picture of the subject indoors together with a background scene.

Suitable for taking pictures at a beach or snow. Lets you take beautiful pictures of scenery with beach and snow and compensates exposure accordingly.

Lets you take beautiful pictures of food by increasing the saturation, contrast and sharpness settings to take sharp vivid pictures of the subject.

Suitable for taking pictures of both your subject and the landscape.

Lets you take clear and sharp pictures of distant scenery. Creates a very broad depth of field to keep the entire view in focus.

Suitable for taking pictures of night views such as illuminated buildings.

Enables you to take a picture of yourself while holding the camera.

Enables you to record movies

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Does the D-590 Zoom shoot movies with sound?

Yes, it shoots movies in QuickTime motion JPEG and has a built-in microphone.

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Can I playback movies with sound with the camera?

Yes, on the back of the camera at the center of the arrow key pad is a speaker enabling audio/video playback. The camera is packaged with an audio/visual cable for playback on television sets or recording to a VCR.

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Can I record audio notes with still pictures?

Yes. You can activate the microphone through the Menu in a still shooting mode about 0.5 sec. after you shoot a picture you have 4 seconds to record an audio note. You can also go back to a picture in the playback mode and add audio notes later.

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How many images can I record on an xD-Picture Card?

The D-590 Zoom ships with a 16 MB xD Picture Card. The maximum size compatible card is 512 MB.

Quality Mode Resolution 16MB xD-Picture Card 512MB xD-Picture Card
SHQ 2272 x 1704 5 images 160 images
HQ 2272 x 1704 16 images 512 images
SQ1 2048 x 1536 20 images 640 images
SQ2 1600 x 1200 24 images 768 images
SQ2 1280 x 960 38 images 1216 images
SQ2 1024 x 768 58 images 1856 images
SQ2 640 x 480 99 images 3168 images
HQ 320 x 240 15 fps movie Approx. 41 sec.  
SQ 160 x 120 15 fps movie Approx. 150 sec.  

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What software is the D-590 Zoom bundled with?

The D-590 Zoom comes bundled with Olympus Master and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Where is the Reference manual for the D-590 Zoom?

The Reference Manual is included on the Olympus Master CD-ROM.

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How do I connect my D-590 Zoom to the computer?

The camera is packaged with a USB/mini B Auto Connect cable, used for connecting the camera to the computer.

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How do I download and view my pictures on a computer?

Connect the camera to a USB port on the computer using the provided USB cable, set the camera to Playback and power it up. The D-590 is an Auto Connect USB device, so on some of the newer operating systems you may be able to work with your images directly. You can open, process, manipulate and store your images using the Olympus Master software that is bundled with your camera. You can also download and open your images in other imaging programs such as PhotoShop. Detailed instructions can be found in the Reference Manual under CONNECTING COMPUTER.

You can also use a memory card reader such as the Olympus USB Reader/Writer MAUSB-100 xD Picture Card Reader (item # 200891). The Xd Picture Card is removed from the camera, inserted into Card Reader and the Card Reader is plugged into the computer USB port. The computer sees this as a new drive.

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The D-590 Zoom has PictBridge. What does PictBridge do?

PictBridge is the standard for connecting digital cameras and printers of different manufacturers for the direct printing of pictures. When connecting the camera to a PictBridge compatible printer via a USB cable pictures can be printed out directly without the use of a computer.

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The D-590 Zoom ships with four different languages. Is there a way I can add an additional language?

You can select the language in which the menus and error messages are displayed on the monitor. Additional languages can be added through the Olympus Master “Update Camera” menu within the “Online Services” menu. There is a warning during the installation of the additional language indicating, “Once the firmware is updated, it cannot be returned to the previous menu”. The four original languages (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese) will still remain within the camera and the fifth language will be appended to the bottom of the menu. After the fifth language is added, it can be alternately changed with one the of 12 languages available via the camera update.

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I’ve added a fifth language to my menu. This language is now the only option available. Where are the other languages?

To access the other four languages, simply use the up arrow on the keypad to access the rest of the menu.

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Which AC Adapter do I use with the D-590 Zoom?

The dedicated AC Adapter is the Olympus D-7AC. Use of other adapters may damage the camera and void the warranty.

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