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The DS-2 has built-in stereo microphones and a MIC jack. What external microphones are recommended for this recorder?

The ME51S stereo microphone can be used in the Stereo HQ and Stereo SP mode.

The ME12 Noise Cancellation monaural microphone is recommended for voice recognition transcription. When used in the WMA format it produces clearer sound with less noise.

The TP-7 Telephone Pickup Device can also be used with the DS-2.

Accessories can be purchased through our authorized dealers, or via the Olympus Emporium.

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Is it possible to transfer recordings from other electronic audio devices using a connecting cord?

Audio recordings can be transferred to and from the DS-2 by connecting to the other device with the KA333 Connecting Cord, which has 3.5mm male plugs at each end. To export from the DS-2 plug one end of the cord in the DS-2 EAR jack and the other end in the receiving devices MIC jack. To import into the DS-2 plug one end of the cord into the MIC jack and the other end into the sending devices’ earphone jack. The KA333 Connecting Cord can be purchased through our authorized dealers, or via the Olympus Emporium.

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What is the TIMER REC function shown in the menu?

TIMER REC enables the DS-2 to automatically start and stop recording for a pre-determined time period by entering start and stop times. This allows the voice recorder to be left unattended and still be able to record.

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Am I able to listen to recordings while they are being recorded, by using the earphones?

Yes. When the earphones are plugged into the EAR jack the speaker is disabled and you are able to monitor content and quality while recording.

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What options are available under the PLAY SPEED function?

The PLAY SPEED function allows the user to vary the recorder playback speed by pre-setting the rate in the menu. Besides the normal speed (1.0x), there are four low speeds (0.875x, 0.75x, 0.625x and 0.50x) and eight high speeds (1.125x, 1.25x, 1.375x, 1.50x, 1.625x, 1.75x, 1.875x and 2.0x).

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How is the NOISE CANCEL function applied?

If recorded audio is difficult to understand because of noisy surroundings, the NOISE CANCEL settings may be applied by setting this feature to LOW or HIGH in the menu.

NOISE CANCEL cannot be used with the fast playback/slow playback function and recordings originally created in stereo modes will be played back in monaural.

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How do I lock a file to prevent accidental erasure?

To lock a file, you need to first select the file in the folder. Next, open the menu by pressing the MENU/SET button for one second or longer, then use the up and down buttons to choose LOCK and select ON. The file is then locked by pressing the MENU/SET button and then the STOP button.

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Is it possible to rename Folders A through E?

The FOLDER NAME function allows several options for renaming folders in the DS-2 Digital Voice Recorder.

Custom names can be created using large caps, small caps, numeric, symbols and punctuation characters. The recorder firmware also has templates for entering names for folders and file comments, making it easier to identify specific user applications for folder and files. The folder actions include such terms as DICT., MEETING, TO DO and ARCHIVE. The file comment actions include such terms as PRIORITY, CONFIDENTIAL and CONVERSATION.

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What is the process for transferring a recording from one folder to another?

While playing the file to be transferred press and hold the FOLDER button for one second or longer. MOVE will appear on the display and below MOVE the destination folder will be displayed. Use the up and down buttons to select the destination folder and press the MENU/SET button to execute the transfer. Transfer is complete when MOVE DONE appears on the display.

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How is the DS-2 connected to the computer?

The DS-2 can be connected to the computer two ways. The voice recorder can be connected to the computer by plugging the small end of the bundled USB cable to the connection port in the base of the camera and the other end into a USB port in the computer. You may also plug the small end of the USB cable into the back of the provided cradle and connect the DS-2 by inserting it into the cradle. Once the HOLD switch is slid downward, STORAGE REMOTE will be displayed on the recorder screen once the computer has found the recorder. A Windows computer will find it as a removable disk drive and a Mac will show it as an “untitled” drive. If you are using USB ports in the front of the computer and the computer does not detect the DS-2, try a port in the back of the computer.

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Is it possible to use the DS-2 Digital Voice Recorder as a mass storage device?

With the recorder connected to your PC, you can download data from the memory to your PC and upload data stored on your PC to the memory. In the recorders MAIN MENU, select USB CLASS and then select MASS STORAGE. When you open the Explorer or Finder window the DS-2 will appear as a removable drive icon (the internal memory of the DS-2 is 64MB).

While the data are being written or copied the red record/play indicator lamp on the recorder will flash. NEVER disconnect the USB cable while the record/play indicator lamp is flashing. If you do the data will be lost.

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Are there more detailed instructions for the DS-2 Digital Voice Recorder?

There is an Online Instruction Manual loaded with the bundled DSS Player software. To access it, left-click on the START button on your desktop, left-click on Programs and then left-click on DS-2 Online Instructions.

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