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What is Dock & Done?

In addition to digital photo shooting, the Total Imaging Solution products support convenient Dock & Done photo storage, management and printing for more carefree shooting and easy image handling. Dock & Done allows you to Dock the camera and then organize, print and store photos quickly and hassle-free virtually anywhere, without the use of a computer.

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How do I charge the lithium-ion battery?

Load the LI-42B battery into the LI-40C Lithium-ion Battery Charger bundled with the camera.  Be sure to align the arrow on the battery with the arrow on the charger, as shown in Fig. A.

Fig. A

When the battery is properly inserted into the charger, the red charge indicator light will be lit.  The light will turn off when the battery is fully charged.  The approximate charging time is five hours.

Note: The IR-300 monitors its own power consumption and displays a battery level warning icon on the LCD monitor, in both shooting and playback modes, to alert the photographer as power wanes. Fig. B, below, shows the icon that is displayed when a fully charged battery is loaded. Fig. C is displayed when the battery power is low.

Fig. B Fig. C

When the Low Battery icon is displayed, recharge the battery.

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Must I charge the lithium-ion battery before using it in the IR-300?

Yes.  Please see "How do I charge the lithium-ion battery?"

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The camera no longer turns on. What could be wrong?

The battery may be dead or underpowered.

If the battery is completely drained, the camera will not power on when the Power button is pressed. If the battery is nearly drained, the camera may briefly display a Battery Empty error message and then power off, or it may power on and then quickly power off without displaying the error.  In either case, charge the battery using the LI-40C battery charger bundled with the camera.

Be sure to properly align the arrow on the bundled battery with the arrow on the bundled battery charger.  It is possible to force the battery into the charger so that the arrows are not aligned.  This is an improper orientation, and the battery will not be charged.  For instructions on how to properly inset the battery into the charger, please see "How do I charge the lithium-ion battery?"

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