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What kind of batteries can I use in these cameras?

You can use alkaline batteries, lithium batteries, and nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) AA batteries. Olympus recommends using Ni-MH batteries for longer life.

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Are there attachable lenses available for these cameras?

Olympus does not have attachable lenses for these cameras.

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What size SmartMedia™ cards will work in these cameras?

The D-220L and D-320L can use a 2, 4, or 8MB SmartMedia card. The D-340L and D-340R can additionally use a 16MB SmartMedia card.

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What are the differences between the D-340L and the D-340R?

The Olympus D-340R is an updated model of the D-340L (which is no longer in production). They both have an SQ, HQ, and SHQ image quality setting, however, the D-340R has the additional ability to store an image file uncompressed in TIFF format. The D-340R also has the ability to magnify a portion of the image on the camera monitor LCD so that you can inspect the detail level of the picture.

The D-340R includes a total of 8 MB of SmartMedia memory (either 2 - 4 meg or 1 - 8 meg card depending on the package) whereas the D-340L includes 4 meg. The LCD monitor is slightly smaller on the D-340R (1.8" versus 2.0"). The ISO rating is also slightly different (ISO 100/200 versus ISO 60/120) which allows a broader range of picture taking situations.

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