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C-765 Ultra Zoom

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What is the difference between the C-770 Ultra Zoom and the C-765 Ultra Zoom?

  • The C-770 Ultra Zoom uses MPEG4 and the C-765 Ultra Zoon uses QuickTime.
  • The C-770 has a TTL Hot Shoe.
  • The C-770 has a metal body.

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Where is the Reference Manual for the C-765\C-770 Ultra Zoom?

The CD-ROM provides a full Reference Manual in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat that is provided on the CD-ROM is necessary to view the PDF manual. The printed manual that is included with the camera is a "Basic Manual."

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How do I set the date and time on this camera?

  • Click the 'Okay' button to access the menu.
  • Press the down arrow until you come to the 'setup' tab.
  • Press the right arrow to access the menu.
  • Press the down arrow again until you come to the date\time option.
  • Use all the arrow keys to navigate to the whichever date format you would like (i.e. month-day-year, day-month-year, etc).
  • Repeat this procedure to set the time.

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When I zoom in on my pictures, they continually come out blurry. Is the camera not functioning properly or am I doing something wrong?

What you are experiencing is a phenomenon called camera shake. Camera shake is caused when there isn't enough light for the camera to set a fast shutter speed. The camera's shutter opens and has to stay open for up to several seconds for enough light to hit the CCD to capture the image. Most people cannot hold a camera perfectly still for more then 1/60th of a second.

In addition, when the telephoto feature is used on an Ultra Zoom camera, the field of view becomes smaller. Since a lens with a large focal length provides a small picture area, even slight imperceptible camera movement will cause a blurred picture.

To reduce camera shake, try one or more of the following when applicable:

  • Change to a fast shutter speed.
  • Put the camera on a flat surface or use a tripod.
  • Brace yourself against a tree or wall.
  • Put the camera in sports mode.
  • For situations with low light, raise the ISO. (Please note this will impede image quality)

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What is super Zoom?

In addition to the optical zoom, this camera is equipped with a super zoom and digital zoom for taking telephoto and wide-angle shots. The super zoom and digital zoom cannot be used at the same time. Super zoom is used to extend the optical zoom up to 14× magnification. However, the resolution is automatically fixed at 1600 ×1200.

Digital Zoom is used to extend the maximum optical zoom to approximately 40x. However, pictures taken with the digital zoom may appear grainy.

Camera shake is likely to occur at these higher magnifications, please see “camera shake” question for further details on this.

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What is MPEG4?

MPEG-4 is a graphics and video compression algorithm standard that is based on MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and Apple QuickTime technology. Wavelet-based MPEG-4 files are smaller than JPEG or QuickTime files, so they are designed to transmit video and images over a narrower bandwidth and can mix video with text, graphics and 2-D and 3-D animation layers.

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How do I download from the camera to my computer?

Instructions for downloading images from the C-765/C-770 Ultra Zoom are located on the CD-ROM under the "Reference" under "Connecting the Camera to a PC," or at our web site (

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Do I need a special USB connection cord to connect to connect my camera to my computer?

Yes, the CB-USB4 cable that comes packaged with the camera, is required for downloading images using the camera. The stock number for a replacement cable is (200776). It can be purchased through the Olympus Emporium at or 1- 800 201-7766.

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Which conversion lenses can you use with the C-765/C-770 Ultra Zoom camera?

Product Description Stock # List Price Notes
M-CON 40 (Close-up Lens) 200 713 $164.95 *Step-up ring (43-55mm) included.
WCON 0.7x Wide Angle Lens 200 864 $139.99 Requires 43-55mm step-up ring
TCON 1.7x Tele converter Lens 200 862 $129.99 Requires 43-55mm step-up ring

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What do I need to attach a conversion lens or filter to the camera?

You will need the CLA-4 Lens Adapter. It provides a 55mm mounting thread for a 55mm filter or conversion lens.

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Can a remote control be used with the C-765/C-770 Ultra Zoom?

A remote control (the RM-2) comes shipped with the C-770 Ultra Zoom Camera.
A remote control cannot be used with the C-765 Ultra Zoom Camera.

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Can I use non-Olympus brand xD-Picture Card™ media with the C-765/C-770 Ultra Zoom camera?

Yes, but only Olympus brand xD-Picture Card media support the cameras’ Panorama function.

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Does Olympus offer a dedicated external flash for the C-765/C-770 Ultra Zoom camera?

Only for the C-770 Ultra Zoom. The FL-20 Flash (stock #200858) and the FL-36 Flash (stock #260113) are both available accessory flashes that cover a wide variety of lighting needs. The FL-50 (stock #260101) is designed for advanced to professional photograhphers who need the greatest light output.

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How do I connect these external flashes to my C-770 Ultra Zoom camera?

The FL-20, FL-36, FL-40 or FL-50 dedicated external flash can be attached directly to the hot shoe on the camera. To use the FL-20, FL-36, FL-40 or FL-50 flash off-camera, you will need a bracket and appropriate flash cable. Please use the following information as a reference:

  • FL-BK01 Flash Bracket (item #200666) - used to mount an external flash to the C-770 Zoom.
  • FL-CB02 Hot Shoe to TTL Cable (item #200663)- this cable is required for the dedicated FL-20, FL-36, FL-40, or FL-50 flash.

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How do I connect an external flash and aftermarket bracket to my C-770 Ultra Zoom?

For off camera flash with the C-770 Ultra Zoom, you will need the appropriate flash cable with your flash and aftermarket bracket. Please use the following information as a reference:

  • FL-CB05 Shoe Mount TTL Flash Cable (item #200707) - this cable mounts to the Hot Shoe on the C-770 Ultra Zoom; and the opposite end attaches to the aftermarket flash bracket's flash shoe or to a standard tripod attachment thread (1/4x20).

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Are there any settings on the camera that must be set before you can use the external flash feature?

Yes, set the camera mode dial to P, A/S/M or any shooting mode except the movie mode. Turn on the extension flash unit's power then select the camera's flash mode. The flash mode button on the camera controls the built-in flash as well as the extension flash. Only the built-in flash and the Olympus FL-20/FL-40/FL-50 extension flash can use the red-eye reduction flash mode. All flash units can use the fill flash, flash off, and slow-sync flash modes.

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Which type of battery is most recommended?

The C-770 Ultra Zoom and the C-765 Ultra Zoom accept only one LI-10B or one LI-12B lithium-ion battery.  The batteries may be purchased at a dealer or directly from The Olympus Store.

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How many pictures can be taken with 16MB/512MB xD-Picture Card?

Quality Pixel Resolution 16MB xD-Picture Card (included) 512MB xD-Picture Card
TIFF 2288 x 1712 1 frame 44 frames
SHQ 2288 x 1712 5 frames 185 frames
HQ 2288 x 1712 16 frames 523 frames
SQ1 2048 x 1536 20 frames 652 frames
SQ2 1024 X 768 76 frames 2457 frames
SHQ (MPEG4) 640 X 480 30 fps movie 48 seconds Over 25 minutes
SHQ 640 X 480 15 fps movie 17 seconds Over 9 minutes
HQ 320 x 240 15 fps movie 45 seconds Over 25 minutes
SQ1 160 x 120 15 fps movie Over 3 minutes Over 1 hour and 50 min.

Approximate values are shown. Number of pictures may vary depending on actual file size.

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What is the purpose of the Histogram feature?

When taking a picture, the camera analyzes the brightness and contrast of your subject and displays it on the LCD monitor so that you can evaluate and adjust the exposure properly.

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What is Exif 2.2?

Exif 2.2 is an image format created by JEIDA (Japan Electronic Industry Development Association) for storing information with image data such as shutter speed, aperture, flash, date, etc. Some printers have the capability to automatically adjust the print quality using this information.

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What is “My Mode”?

My mode allows you to save customized camera settings. My Mode allows you to save different setting configurations. To use the “My Mode” settings, turn the mode dial to the icon shown. The My Mode configuration is selected by the menu selection Mode Menu > Camera > My Mode.

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How can I use White Balance when taking picture?

Color reproduction differs depending on the lighting conditions. For instance, when daylight, the setting sun or indoor lighting is reflected on white paper, the shade of white produced will be slightly different for each. By setting the WB (White Balance), you can achieve more natural-looking color. You can also preview different color tones by trying the different settings under the actual light source, and checking the result on the viewfinder/monitor. You can choose mode from Auto, Preset and One-touch.

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What is Noise Reduction and how does it apply?

This function reduces the noise that generated during long exposures. When shooting night scenes, shutter speeds become slower and noise tends to appear on images. When Noise Reduction is set to ON, the camera automatically reduces noise to produce clearer images. However, shooting time is approximately twice as long as usual.

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Does the Olympus C-765/C-770 Zoom camera support Print Image Matching (PIM)?

Yes, the C-765/C-770 Zoom supports this easy to use high quality printing feature. It allows the user to set parameters for printing, such as gamma level, color space, contrast, sharpness, brightness, saturation, shadow, highlight, and color balance, to ensure optimum print quality. To learn more about Print Image Matching (PIM), please check the following web site addresses:

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How do you use Exif Print or PIM Print feature to achieve better print quality?

The printing information that is included as part of the Exif 2.2 header in the JPEG file, is read and used by a Print Image Matching enabled printer. If you have a compatible printer that has a built in media slot, you can insert the digital camera’s memory card into a card reader and then into a printer’s media slot. If you do not have a printer that accepts a card directly, you can use a plug-in for a graphics program such as Adobe PhotoShop 7.0, to utilize this information. CAMEDIA Master 4.03 and above supports Exif Print and PIM.

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My indoor images taken with flash are blurry. What would cause this to happen?

It is possible you have the Flash Mode set to one of the Slow Sync modes (lighting bolt with the word Slow). Slow synchronization flash sets a slow shutter speed for the background exposure and fires the flash for the subject exposure. Since the shutter speed is slow, your subject should be still and the camera should be on a tripod otherwise blur can result. Since this mode should only be used when the above conditions can be met, you should use the FILL-IN FLASH (single lighting bolt symbol) mode for most situations that require a flash for correct exposure. Repeatedly pressing the FLASH MODE button will cycle through the various flash mode settings.

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A small bright dot always appears in the same area of all my images. What can I do?

Pixel Mapping is a feature of the camera to check and adjust the CCD and image processing functions. Locate Pixel Mapping in the camera's Mode Menu and select OK to activate it. Once Pixel Mapping is completed the Mode Menu displays. The bright dot should no longer appear in your downloaded images.

To learn more about Pixel Mapping, click here.

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