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Can I use these cameras with a microscope?

No. Your camera is not compatible with a microscope, but Olympus does manufacture a DP-10 microscope digital camera system designed specifically for medical and industrial use. For more information about this, please contact the Olympus Precision Instrument Division at 800-446-5967.

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Does the camera have a manual focus?

Your camera does not have a full manual focus mode. However, it does have a Quick Focus Mode that allows for two pre-adjusted ranges, either 1 ft. (40cm) or 8 ft (2.5 cm). Additionally, the D-620L has an ‘Infinity’ Quick Focus.

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Are attachable lenses available?

Yes, there are a variety of lenses and filters that can be attached to your camera. You can find complete information on all these accessories by going to the Accessories for Digital Cameras page.

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Can I use color filters with the camera?

No, color filters will impede the AWB (Automatic White Balance) circuit which will result in improper color expectations in the final image.

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Can I use polarizing filters?

Use only a Circular Polarizing filter.

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What kind of filters can I use?

Neutral Density, Skylight 1A, and U/V Haze filters can be used with no adverse effects to the camera's images.

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Does the D-500L/D-600L camera have external sync capacity?

No, the D-500L/D-600L cameras do not have an external sync for flash. However, the D-620L includes a PC Connector for use with an external flash.

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What size SmartMedia™ cards will work on these cameras?

The D-500L and D-600L can use a 2, 4, or 8 MB SmartMedia card. The D-620L can additionally use a 16 or 32 MB SmartMedia card.

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What are the newer features of the D-620L camera?

• 4 Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) Batteries w/Charger included.
• 8 MB SmartMedia Card included. On the web it says that Two 8MB SmartMedia Card included.
• 6 Step Manual White Balance/ Color Temperature Control.
• Burst Mode: up-to 5 images in 1/3 second intervals at any resolution.
• External Flash Sync/PC flash connector.
• 3 position quick focus settings: 1.3ft, 8 ft., and infinity.
• Battery Saving Mode.
• Rapid Fire Capabilities all resolution modes (even with the flash on).
• 6 Mode pop-up flash system, including Auto, Red Eye Reduction, Fill in, Fill in with External Flash, External Flash and Flash Off.

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