Camedia Master Upgrade    

Calendar View - Manage your images with the simplicity of a calendar. As your images are being transferred to your computer, they are stored in the Calendar View. Stored images are displayed right on the calendar, which can be viewed by day, month, year, or all at once. Never again will you waste time searching for your pictures and videos.

Keywords - You can tag your images with up to three keywords for easier sorting, retrieval, and viewing. Choose from a list of provided keywords or create your own.

E-mail - Share your images with others quickly and easily using the software's built-in e-mail feature. At the click of a button, OLYMPUS Master creates a new message in your default e-mail program and attaches the selected images. (Supports most e-mail clients supporting SMTP and POP3 servers).

Image Editing - Enhance your images with several simple-to-use editing tools. Adjusting color balance, brightness, or sharpness has never been easier. Or choose from other editing functions such as resizing, rotating, cropping, renaming
and more!

Red-Eye Reduction - With OLYMPUS Master, you can reduce Red-Eye (in photos of people) and you can reduce Blue-Eye or Green-Eye (in images of pets and animals)! Use the selection tool to highlight the area and at the click of a button, the Red-Eye is reduced.

RAW - Process RAW images from your Olympus digital camera
using the RAW development feature in OLYMPUS Master. Adjust
the exposure, white balance, contrast, sharpness, saturation or noise
and apply it to one or more RAW images simultaneously.

Print At Home - Whether printing index, postcard, or other size photo, OLYMPUS Master is the solution for your home printing needs. Select from one of the many templates and formats for printing indexes, postcards, and calendars.

Print Images Online - Print your images online using Olympus Digital Photo Services by Ofoto, or select from a list of many other print providers registered with OLYMPUS Master. (Windows only).

Share Images Online - Upload and share your images with others using your free
Olympus Ofoto (or existing) account. E-mail friends and family a direct link to your
online image albums where they can view, download, or order prints of your images.

Panoramic - Create panoramic images using the auto-panorama function in OLYMPUS Master. Automatically assemble images taken in panorama mode with your Olympus digital camera* at the click of a button. (*camera must support the panoramic function)

Updating Camera Firmware - Keep your camera up-to-date using the "Update Camera" function found in the Online Services menu. The latest updates for your Olympus camera - such as additional languages or other enhancements - can be downloaded into your camera as they become available. For step-by-step instructions on how to do so, click here.

Video CD - Create slideshows of your images, which can be played back on most home DVD players and computers. Customize your slideshows by selecting from various backgrounds and frames, and even add music! (Note: when burning slideshows with audio, some CD/DVD writers may not be supported.)

Backup - Your images have never been more secure! Store your albums on a CD, DVD or other media for quick and easy recovery in the event of a computer hard drive failure.

Print Albums and Contact Sheets - Design and print custom albums by adding and arranging multiple images on a page. Move the images "freely," anywhere inside the printable area of the page. Print contact sheets that include important information such as time, date, filename, and shooting characteristics.

Movie editing - In the Movie Edit window, you can export a frame from a movie file, trim or rotate a file, or apply filter functions such as monochrome and sepia effects to a movie. Or apply the "Instant Fix" and automatically adjust the image quality parameters (brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and sharpness).

Slideshows - Create a slideshow of your favorite images and add background music for playback on your computer. The slideshow can also be played using your computer's web browser such as Internet Explorer.

Free-stitch - Create breathtaking panoramic images using the "Free-Stitch" panorama function in OLYMPUS Master. Stitch together a series of contiguous digital images from just about any source. Choose from different stitching modes such as spherical, cylindrical, parallel or perspective for optimal results.

Save - Create a slideshow with your images for playback using OLYMPUS Master. Upload a camera album slideshow to your Olympus digital camera* for easy viewing on your camera's LCD. Or save your favorite image as your desktop wallpaper, or add multiple images and create your own screensaver! You can also create HTML albums with your images which can be uploaded to your website via your web hosting service. (*The camera must support the camera album function.) You can also create slideshows & Video CDs.

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