Zuiko Digital 35mm Macro
Zuiko Digital 35mm f3.5 Macro

Attach a macro lens to your camera and see the world with new eyes. Weighing just 5.8 ounces, this ultra-lightweight macro lens also features a fixed focal length equivalent to 70mm on a 35mm camera. With a closest focusing distance of less than 5.85 inches, you'll be able to bring the camera's lens almost right up to your subject. You can take this compact, economical lens everywhere, and have fun taking super-sharp close-up pictures of flowers, insects, and other tiny things in your daily life. Superior performance and compact convenience also make this a great standard lens for snap shots and portrait photography.

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Shooting Guide: Super Close-up
Super Close-up Sample Photo
Shooting Conditions

E-30, Aperture Priority Mode, 1/8 sec., f3.5, +1.7EV, ISO 100, focal distance 35mm (Equivalent to 70mm on a 35mm camera) tripod used to stabilize camera.

Why this Lens?

This 35mm macro lens was chosen because of its high magnification which allowed for the emphasis of the water drop on the rose. This lens is more convenient than the 50mm macro, if you wish to take close-up shots, because it is cost-effective.

  • When shooting images close-up, like the picture above, be sure to use a tripod to avoid blurring the photograph.
  • When shooting macro photography, the key is focus. If the lens is not focused correctly on the subject, the detail will be lost. Use the manual focus to make sure the correct focal point is in focus—in the picture above it is the water drop. Using Live View is recommended as well.

Shooting Guide: Selective Macro Focus
Defocus Sample Photo
Shooting Conditions

E-3, Aperture Priority Mode, 1/160 sec. F3.5, +1.3EV, IOS 100, focal length 35mm (Equivalent to 70mm on a 35mm camera.)

Why this Lens?

This 35mm macro lens has the ability to create a dynamic rendering of a water drop because it has the closest focusing distance out of all Olympus Four-Thirds standard zoom lenses—it allows you to get as close as 14 centimeters (5.7 inches) to the subject.

  • In the picture above, the water drop was emphasized by taking the shot from the side to create a sharp focus and a large aperture (f3.5) was used to a soft, defocused, background.

Shooting Guide: Table Top Photo
Table Top Photo Sample Photo
Shooting Conditions

E-3, Aperture priority Mode, 1/30sec., f3.5, +1.3EV, ISO 200, focal length 35mm (Equivalent to70mm on a 35mm camera.)

Why this Lens?

This macro lens is not only suitable for close-up photography, but also table-top photography. The angle of view of this 35mm lens is ideal for shooting imagery of food on a table because it allows for the subject to be shot both at a close-up and a distant top-down view.

  • Create dimension in table top photography by placing subjects in both the front and back sides of the frame. Also, utilize light coming from behind the scene in order to give the photograph depth like in the picture above.
  • The maximum aperture of f3.5 creates a decent soft (defocus) effect on the background of the photograph.
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