The Olympus PEN Goes Hollywood

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Did you know that many of the critically acclaimed horse racing action shots from the Disney motion picture Secretariat were shot with the Olympus PEN®?

Check out this Olympus “Behind the Lens” video, featuring the film’s Academy Award-winning Director of Photography, Dean Semler, to learn more about how the PEN was used in this remarkable film. You can also view some of the ground-breaking footage captured with the Olympus PEN E-P1 in the official Secretariat trailer.

For most people, “Secretariat” is a compelling, feel-good story that charms, whether you are a horse lover or not. Secretariat won the U.S. Triple Crown in 1973, the first racehorse to do so in 25 years. The recently released motion picture based on actual events puts you right in the action – and, even more exciting, showcases how Olympus technology played an important role in making this film.

The compact size and HD-quality of the Olympus PEN® camera offered the ability to capture a horse race from vantage points that had never been done before. Olympus PEN cameras were mounted on the ground at the starting gate, on the jockey’s helmet and glove, the horse’s saddle, a pole right next to the horse’s feet and in dirt around the track. PEN cameras captured extreme close-ups of the intense racing action, and shots illustrating speed and dirt, excitement and chaos. Not one PEN broke during the filming; further proof that Olympus products allow you to “capture it all.”

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