Camedia Master Upgrade    
Get the most out of your digital photography experience with OLYMPUS Master™ software. Designed to enhance the organization, editing, and sharing of your pictures, OLYMPUS Master combines an easy-to-use interface with the latest digital imaging tools and functionality. And upgrading to OLYMPUS Master Plus™ gives you even more advanced movie (QuickTime®) and still-image editing features: Record onto CD/DVD media; Create Video CDs, Slideshows, Wallpaper, and Screensavers; Print with backgrounds or other illustrations; and more.

OLYMPUS Master features: OLYMPUS Master Plus also features:
Both versions are compatible with Windows®98SE/Me/2000Professional/XP and Mac® OS X 10.2 (or higher), and support Olympus USB-equipped cameras, including Auto-Connect USB for instant viewing and management of your images.

OLYMPUS Master and OLYMPUS Master Plus are changing the face of digital imaging software. Raise your expectations for your digital photography with the vision of Olympus software.

Special Offer
Get the ArcSoft Creative Pack software for just $15 when you upgrade now!
Download and review images from your camera with ease.

Instantly store and sort your pictures by shooting date or keyword.

Instantly fix, crop, remove Red-Eye, or enhance your QuickTime movies.

HTML albums, wallpaper, slideshows, calendars and more.

Fast, convenient printing at the click of a mouse.

E-mail images quickly and easily, or record onto CD/DVD media.

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