Take winning action shots
When taking photos of fast moving subjects you have to ask yourself, “What’s moving, and how do I want the moving subject to appear?” If you want to freeze movement, you have to shoot with a very fast shutter speed. But it’s also OK to accentuate movement by allowing some blur to occur.

Shutter speed or sport modeSport scene mode
There are two ways to adjust your camera for good fast-subject results: adjust shutter speed in some cameras, or use the Scene Guide to shoot in sport mode.

  • If your camera allows it, set a very fast shutter speed.
    This will freeze all movement in your shot. Fast shutter speeds work best in bright light; if you’re at a daytime sporting event, you should get good results. Additionally, try boosting your camera’s ISO to the highest number, if your camera permits, if you’re shooting in subdued light. See your owner’s manual for details on adjusting your shutter speed and ISO.

  • Most Olympus cameras have a sport mode in their Scene Guide.
    Simply rotate your menu dial to SCN, select sport and start shooting. This mode is best suited for bright light.

Setting focus lock
Here’s an effective way to ensure your subject will be in focus if it’s moving fast.
Focus the camera on a point roughly the same distance away as the subject you want to shoot – by pressing the shutter button halfway – and then recompose your picture and wait for the subject to enter the frame. Using focus lock is a great way to reduce shutter lag. For more information on this technique, please view the "Focus on Focus Lock" page.

This is a difficult technique, but if you are patient – and a little lucky – the reward is worth the effort. The basic concept behind panning is to move, or pan, your camera along with the moving subject. When it works right, you end up with a blurred background and comparatively sharper subject

Try it:

  • Select a slightly slower-than-normal shutter speed. You’ll need to experiment but try something between 1/60 and 1/8. If you can’t adjust this, try experimenting in sport mode or in full automatic mode.

  • As you frame and track your subject, follow it with a smooth motion.

  • Press down your shutter button halfway to activate auto focus.

  • Immediately after you press the shutter button you should continue to follow the subject for best results.

  • If you experience shutter lag with your camera you can still achieve this effect. You just need to experiment with anticipating the shot, and you’ll definitely need to continue panning after you’ve taken the shot.

You can read more about all of your camera functions in your users manual. If you can’t find it, visit our product support pages to download it for free

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