Why do I get blurry images?
Blurry images are the result of movement of the camera during shooting (not holding it still) or the camera not firing with a fast enough shutter speed to freeze the action.

Example of blur from camera movement:

Handheld camera in low light.

Results with flash on.

Suggestions to prevent blur.
The easiest and most common fix for blurry images is to depress the shutter button halfway, to let the camera focus, before you actually take a shot. Simply press the shutter button until a green dot appears on the LCD, or until a beep sounds. Once you see the green dot, or hear the beep, your camera is focused and you have a much greater chance of taking an in-focus shot.

A. Use the flash:
  • Whenever you shoot indoors, set the flash to “Fill in" mode to reduce the effect of blur. Simply press the Flash mode button on the back of the camera, use the arrow keys to select the single lightning bolt, then press OK.
  • Most built-in flashes have a range of approximately 6 feet. Stay within the range of the flash to obtain the correct exposure.
B. Use your Sports mode:
  • Turn the mode dial to Sports to optimize the camera’s exposure settings and prevent blur from camera or subject movement. It will even fire the flash if necessary.
C. Position your camera on a tripod or brace yourself:
  • Use a tripod so your camera remains steady when shooting. Small tabletop tripods can often be found at your local dealer.
  • If you don’t have a tripod handy, you can always brace yourself against something solid (i.e., a tree or car) to help keep you still, especially when zoomed out to full telephoto position.
  • Try using the Self-Timerto trigger the shutter while on a tripod or steady surface to lessen any occurrence of camera shake blur. Simply press the Self-Timer button and select ON>OK. Once you press the shutter button the camera will wait 12 seconds before taking the shot so that any camera vibration introduced from pressing the shutter button is diminished.
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