New Batteries and Chargers Going Green

Going Green

To help eliminate wasted electrical use, Olympus has introduced the BLS-5 and BLM-5 batteries and BCS-5 and BCM-5 chargers. These units are designed to turn off when charging is completed. According to a United Nations report on ‘efficient energy use in the residential sector’, the average American household consumes 440 KWh (Kilowatt Hours) of electricity per year in wasted energy from appliances that are turned off and are in standby mode.

Beyond the lower use of power the new charging system also improves the battery life. Many of us will put the battery on the charger and leave it until we need the battery, this will cause over charging. Over time this causes the battery to perform at a lower level giving fewer shots per charge. Each BLM-5 or BLS-5 Li-ION battery is made up of multiple cells; the new system will also charge the individual cells of the battery independently to further improve the life of the battery.

Along with the environmental issues the BLM-5 and BLS-5 batteries are designed to meet new safety requirements for 2011 including a drop test that assures the battery does not short out after being dropped while installed in the camera.
Recycling the used up Li-ION battery can also be done through RBRC, So collect all your old batteries and find a drop off location at:

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BLM-5 and BCM-5 Battery and Charger Kit
Compatible with the E-5, E-30, E-520 and E-System cameras that originally shipped with the BLM-1 battery.

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BLS-5 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
Compatible with all Olympus PEN digital cameras, the E-620 and E-System cameras that originally shipped with the BLS-1 battery. BCS-5 Lithium Ion Battery Charger is also required.

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BCS-5 Lithium Ion Battery Charger
For use with the BLS-5 battery.

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