Using Fill-in Flash
With an Olympus camera, taking a picture is only the first step toward creating a masterpiece. The built-in editing, adjustment and layout features found in your camera will allow you to perfect your photo — and you won’t even need a computer.

Choose “EDIT” to access these features in your camera’s playback menu. The playback menu is accessible once you enter the playback mode within your camera. Some editing features require an xD card in order to work correctly. In most cases, applying an edit will save an extra, edited version of the photo. You will need enough space in your xD card to hold both the original and edited image.

Editing Images

This function changes the image size and saves it as a new, smaller file. This is useful for emailing your image or posting it on a Web site.

Black & White/Sepia tone:
Want a more artistic look for your photo? Use the Black & White or Sepia tone functions to save a copy of your file using one of these two color effects.

Note: In many newer cameras, this feature can be accessed via the "Color Edit" function.

Are the colors in your photo a bit duller than you expected? Unleash vivid colorsby adjusting the saturation. Use your camera's arrow keys to adjust vividness and then press “OK” to save your new, better-saturated file.

NOTE: In many newer cameras, this feature can be accessed via the "Color Edit" function.

When certain areas of your photo are more interesting than others, you may want to consider using the crop function to get rid of the extra pixels in your picture. Use the arrow pad to select the picture. Then use the zoom lever (or button) and the arrow pad to adjust position and size.

You can make an index picture from all or some of your photos. You can select which photos you want to include directly or use the calendar or album features to make your selection quicker.

Red-eye Fix:
Did you forget to use the red-eye reducing flash?  It’s not too late to do something about it. Use the Red-eye Fix function to correct the red-eye look that often occurs with a flash. The corrected photo will be saved as a new file.


Movie Mode: Create an index picture
Using the index feature, you can create a nine-frame index picture of your movie.

Movie Mode: Edit
You don’t need a fancy editing suite to extract a segment of your movie. Choose the first and last frames of the segment you want to keep. Your clip can be saved as a new movie or you may set it up to overwrite the old one.

Get Creative

Add a special frame to your masterpiece. Your camera comes with several built-in framing options. First use your arrow keys to select a frame. Then, select the picture you want to place in the frame. Rotate if necessary by using the up and down arrow keys. Finally, adjust the position and size of the photo in the frame using the arrow keys and your camera's zoom button or lever. When you are done, a copy of your framed picture will be saved as a new file.

Now you can add titles or labels directly on your photo. Print labels such as “congratulations” or “happy birthday” on an image and give it to a special person in your life. After using the arrow keys to select the image, use them again to select your label. Next, adjust the position and size of the photo in the frame using the arrow keys and your cameras zoom button or lever. The last step is to choose a color. Use right and left arrow keys to change color palettes.

Do you have a special photo that you know would make a perfect calendar? You can use this function to create a calendar right in your camera. The final result will merge your image and one of the many calendar templates into a single, new file. Use the arrow keys to select the photo and switch calendar templates.

Editing with OLYMPUS Master

As if all these photo-editing options weren’t enough, you may want to perform further edits once your images are on your computer. These OLYMPUS Master Quick Edit Tips will help you with that task.


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