Panoramic Photography

Panoramic Photography

When you go on a trip and encounter wide landscapes or beautiful street scenes, you want to take a picture that preserves that wide feel. Unfortunately, that wide look is lost when you can only shoot part of the scene. Even zooming all the way out to utilize the widest angle of your lens can make subjects seem too small and still not capture the feeling of what you see in person. When this is the case, try using the panorama function in your camera.

Most SP and Stylus model cameras have an in-camera panorama mode. This mode captures three images and stitches them together to create one amazing panoramic picture right inside your camera. By simply selecting the mode, pressing the shutter button and then slowly panning across the scene, take up to 3 images and the camera seamlessly combines them.

Taking panoramic pictures using [COMBINE IN CAMERA1]
The point you have to align is displayed on the screen.

Taking panoramic pictures using [COMBINE IN CAMERA2]
The image you have to align is displayed within a frame at the edge of the screen.

Taking panoramic picture using [COMBINE IN PC]
Take the pictures moving the camera so the picture overlaps the image in the frame.

When you select [COMBINE IN PC], after taking the pictures, transfer them to a computer to join them. For detailed information refer to the software's online manual.

Panorama Examples (click to enlarge):

a waterfall panorama

a sunset panorama

For more panoramic photography tips, check out these advanced techniques from Olympus Visionary, Jay Dickman.

Combining in Camera

The FE and T-Series cameras, and some older models will not be able to stitch the separate images inside the camera. With these cameras, select the panorama function and then take up to 10 images that you will be able to join together later with the included Olympus software.