Playing Back Images in Your Camera

Olympus cameras support a wide variety of playback options, including slideshow, movie mode, and video output. For a full description of your camera’s specific playback modes, check out the Playback section in your user manual. The following describes some of the most common playback features found in Olympus cameras.

Slideshow – Play Back Pictures Automatically

When you want to share a large number of photos stored on your camera, try displaying them in a slideshow. It will allow you to simply hold your camera as it automatically scrolls through the images on your picture card.

Go to your cameras playback menu and select the “Slideshow” option.Press [OK] to begin the automatic slideshow, or, if your camera supports slideshow transitions, choose “Fader,” “Slide,” or “Zoom” to change how your images transition from one to the next.

Movie Play

You don’t need to wait until you are at your computer to see the movies you shot with your camera. Simply select a picture with the movie icon (oo) and press [OK] to play back the movie. Press [OK] again to pause or cancel playback (depending on your camera model).

Many Olympus cameras support advanced playback functions while in movie mode. Try using your cameras arrow keys to fast forward or rewind the movie.  Check your manual to see if your camera supports these functions.

Playing back pictures on your TV

It can be exciting to see your images, movies, and slideshows on your TV at home. It’s easy to do, just follow these quick steps.

  • Turn off the camera and the TV before connecting.
  • Turn the camera on and press [>] to select the playback mode.
  • The image displayed on your camera is the same one that will display on the TV. Use the arrow pad to select the pictures or movies you want to display, or set your camera to the slideshow mode to see multiple pictures.
  • Turn the TV on, and set it to video input mode.  (For details on switching to video input, refer to your TV’s instruction

Tips for TV Playback:

  • Images and the information displayed on the screen may be cropped depending on the TV’s settings.
  • If your camera supports an AC adapter, plug it in to avoid draining the batteries while you play back your images.
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