Printing Your Images

It’s become very popular to share photos online, but printing photos for an album or hanging them on the refrigerator is still a very popular way to show off your snapshots. Here are a few easy ways to print your images.

In a store or online: There are many online services available to print your photos for you, including [ib on the net], a photo sharing and printing service provided by Olympus. You can upload your images to these web sites, order prints and have them mailed to you. If you want to order prints from a local store, all you need to do is bring your media card with you, find the photo shop’s digital print kiosk, and follow its steps.

At home: You can quickly and easily copy images to your computer and print them from your home printer. Olympus has developed the [ib] software for your PC to give you with an easy way to organize, edit and print your pictures.

Also, if you have a PictBridge™-compatible printer, you can plug your camera directly into your printer and print from there. With the Easy Print option, it can be as simple as displaying the image you want on the camera’s LCD screen and then connecting the camera to the printer with the camera’s USB cable.

Saving or Editing: With [ib], Olympus gives you a simple way to enjoy your pictures. You can organize your pictures so they are always easy to get to, and [ib] will even recognize the people in them so you can quickly get to photos of your most important friends and family. [ib] also allows you to use retouching features such as Instant Fix, Red-Eye Fix, a variety of Filters and more. Through the integrated [ib on the net] online service, you can safely store and share your photos online, and access them from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Even more, you can make the most of your photos by ordering prints, photo books and other products right from your desktop.

Also available for both Mac and PC, Olympus Viewer 2 is the new software for editing and selecting photos and movies and RAW file development. Viewer 2 delivers Art Filter effects for RAW development (only those Art Filter effects which are incorporated in the respective camera are able to be reproduced by the software). It offers the full range of image processing and management tools such as the Light Box and e-Portrait functions for RAW development and is also fully compatible with the latest operating systems, including Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

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