Protecting your image files
Image files on the PC — back them up!

Once you've downloaded your images from your camera to your PC your next step is to create back-up copies. Why? A computer's hard drive could fail over time, due to many factors, just like any manufactured device, and with it could go your most precious images. Here are a few suggestions for backing up your images:

  • Use your CD-R writer to create a data disk of your images. After you create the disk, check to ensure the images have been saved. CD-R's can store up to 700MB of data. Even better a DVD-R writer can save images to a DVD-R offering 4.7GB of storage.

  • Be sure to use a high-quality CD-R or DVD-R, a lesser CD-R or DVD-R can actually degrade with time and become unreadable.

  • For those very special images, store your back-up DVD-R or CD-R with the rest of your valuables, such as in a waterproof lock box or safe. Look for PVC (polyvinyl chlorides) free plastic sleeves. Plastic sleeves containing PVC's can be harmful to the surface of the disk.

  • Another back-up solution for your images could be an external hard drive connected to your computer's USB or firewire port. This could be as small as 20GB or as big as 500GB. It depends on your storage needs as well as your budget.

Using Olympus Master 2 to transfer to an external drive or CD/DVD

If you would like to burn or export a copy of the images found in an album or folder in OLYMPUS Master, or images from multiple folders or dates, please follow these steps:

  • Select the files you want to copy (or right click and choose Select All) in your Album, Folder, or Date view.
  • Choose EDIT>COPY from the File menu bar.
  • Click on the FOLDER tab inside OLYMPUS Master. Select a folder for the images you plan to export – or create a new one using the CREATE NEW FOLDER button.
  • When in your new folder, select EDIT>PASTE.

A copy of your images will paste to the new folder. If your operating system supports disk burning, simply use it – or your favorite CD burning program – to burn this folder of photos to a disk.

OLYMPUS Master 2 is a free download.

Prints - What about these?

Even though you can always reprint an image file, you may want to protect your prints. If you're storing them in a box, choose one that is acid and lignin free, which ensures the material will not become acidic and disintegrate over time. You can usually find storage boxes such as these by looking for archival photo storage solutions.

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