Basic Shallow Water Photography

Taking Pics Underwater

To take the best photos in shallow water with your Stylus SW or Tough camera, you will want to use one of your underwater scene modes. Set the camera's scene mode to match what you are trying to shoot, like your buddy swimming (Underwater Snapshot) or those fish swimming by (Underwater Wide 2). The camera will take care of all the essential settings such as color balance, exposure, and flash so you automatically get the best results. Then, you just need to compose your picture. Remember to pick a camera angle that favors shooting up when underwater, as this will allow you to utilize the natural light coming through the surface of the water, making for more dramatic imagery. Pushing the shutter button halfway down will autofocus your picture, and then press it all the way down to snap the photo.

Want more underwater photography tips? Be sure to visit the Olympus Learn Center index page and look for the Underwater Photography heading. To view more great underwater shots, please visit our Tough or Underwater user galleries.

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