TruePic TURBO.

TruePic TURBO technology is built-in, so you donít need to worry about enabling it. But itís still a good idea to be aware of what it does for you. Hereís a quick rundown.

  • TruePic TURBO provides fast start-up and nearly instant shutter response times. Generally, this means less lag time from shot-to-shot.
  • Fast image playback on your LCD.
  • It allows improved battery life and flash recycle times.
  • TruePic TURBO is only available in Olympus cameras.
  • You see vibrant, natural colors in your images thanks to Proper Gamma II Technology.

  • Advanced Noise Filter II Technology detects the edges in your images and sharpens them.

With TruePic TURBO youíll experience some of the best digital image quality imaginable.
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