Your Garden's Secret Life by Jay Kinghorn

sample garden photo

In the spring, gardens come alive. Bursting with colorful flowers and verdant new life, your home garden is a veritable wonderland of great photography opportunities. Join Olympus Visionary Jay Kinghorn for this exclusive video series on capturing your garden with your E-System camera.

  • Control Your Composition

    Your garden is a perfect place to hone your compositional skills. The situation is controlled—flowers don’t move quickly and there are lots of distracting elements (fences, chairs, driveways, etc.) to ruin an otherwise perfect shot. Learn how to work around distracting backgrounds to dramatically improve your photography. Skill Level: Beginner & intermediate. (1 min. 24 sec.)

  • Controlling Depth of Field

    Building upon your compositional skills from the previous video, we’re going to discuss ways you can creatively control focus and depth of field. From taking control of your aperture, to precisely setting focus using live view, you’ll want to grab your tripod and follow along with this tutorial as these lessons can be applied to any type of photography. Skill Level: Intermediate. (2 min. 49 sec.)

  • Bringing out the lights for creative control

    One of the advantages of studio photography is the photographer’s ability to shape, sculpt and control studio lights for full creative control. Using remote flash capabilities with the FL-50R and FL-36R flash units, you can build a studio “in the field.” Learn how to set flash controls and gain tips on how to use your flashes to create high-impact photos in your garden. Skill Level: Advanced.(5 min. 46 sec.)

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