Blockbuster Vacation Movies & Photos by Jay Kinghorn

sample vacation photo

Break the mold of boring vacation photos by infusing your photos with action, adventure and video! Join Olympus Visionary Jay Kinghorn for this exclusive video series on how to put your viewers in the middle of the action by capturing the sights and sounds of your awesome vacation.

  • Capturing It All: photos, videos and more

    Olympus PEN cameras are compact, versatile and extraordinarily powerful. Put this power to good use and learn to infuse your vacation photography with short video clips. Video can pique your viewer’s interest and capture many aspects of your travels. Skill level: Beginner.
    (2 min. 34 sec.)

  • Establishing a sense of place

    The best vacation photos make viewers feel like they’re standing beside you, immersed in the sights, sounds, textures and tastes of distant lands. Use these composition tips to capture photos of iconic elements that trigger the viewer’s imagination. Skill level: Intermediate.
    (2 min. 10 sec.)

  • Delicious food photography

    Often, one of the most exciting aspects of travel is all the different foods and flavors you get to experience. Since it’s such a large part of your trip, why not start shooting those scrumptious salads, succulent strawberries and decadent desserts? You and your friends will be drooling over the tasty delicacies that enhanced your mouth-watering vacation. Learn how to shoot detailed photos of your dishes and how to get great photos even in low light. Skill level: Intermediate and advanced.
    (3 min. 21 sec.)

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