Your Colorful Family by Jay Kinghorn

Your Colorful Family

Every family has a story to tell. Make your story well-rounded by including family members of all ages in your family’s video genealogy. By assembling short interviews, still photos and heirloom photos, you can communicate your family’s unique tapestry of personalities, connections and love.

  • Preserving Your Family History (Beginner/Intermediate)

    Precious family photos printed on old photographic paper most likely will fade over the years. Help them stand the test of time by preserving them as digitized images which can be saved to a computer or digital storage device, and also printed on paper of your choosing. This also allows you to provide multiple copies of these important keepsakes to your entire family, so all of you can enjoy them for years to come. Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate. (3 min. 58 sec.)

  • Video Diaries Part 1: Capturing Video Interviews (All Skill Levels)

    Gathering your family’s history through the voices of the family members enlivens and enriches the story. Good video and great audio are key to your success. Learn the important tenets of the best video and sound. Skill Level: All. (4 min. 3 sec.)

  • Video Diaries Part 2: Working with Multiple Audio or Video Sources (Advanced)

    You can take your video interviews to the next level of sophistication and improve audio quality by supplementing your on-camera audio with a separate digital audio recorder that includes a microphone. You also can add a second video camera and cut between the two views like a professional interview. Skill Level: Advanced. (4 min. 14 sec.)

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