A Day in the Life of Your Son or Daughter by Jay Kinghorn

sample family photo

Capturing the sights, sounds and emotions of a “day’s work” as a kid can be a challenging, but rewarding, project for any photographer. Join professional photographer Jay Kinghorn as he follows parents Gerald and Terrie and their two sons. Jay’s tips will help you transform an ordinary day’s events into an extraordinary documentary of your child’s life.

  • Preserving Candid Moments (Beginner)

    These three simple tips will help you take better photos of the children in your life. (2 min. 34 sec.)

  • Capturing Kids’ Energy (Intermediate/Advanced)

    Parents are often frustrated and disappointed by blurry photos of their children at play. More often than not, the amount of light in the environment is the culprit. Indoors, there’s far too little light to freeze the action of a child bouncing off the walls. You need to get them outside. (2 min., 51 sec.)

  • Tell Me A Story (Intermediate)

    The photographic effort of documenting your child’s life is not only for you to enjoy. It is also for them, so years from now they can relive moments from their past. Take a few minutes to build a well-rounded story of your child’s life by interviewing them, preserving their wishes, dreams and imaginary friends for years to come. (1 min., 41 sec.)

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