The Nocturnal Photographer by Jay Kinghorn

sample low light photo

Once the sun goes down, many photographers pack up their cameras and head for home, but an intrepid few know the night can be one of the most dramatic and enjoyable times for photography. Join Olympus Visionary Jay Kinghorn as he presents a few tricks to help you creatively capture the night.

  • Capture the Blue Hour (All skill levels)

    Photographers have found that shooting during the brief "blue hour" of twilight can yield outstanding results. Learn why this "magic hour" of photography is so important for capturing nighttime brilliance. (2 min. 25 sec.)

  • Exposure, Settings & Histograms (Beginner/Intermediate)

    To get the most out of your night photography experiences, it pays to be able to take at least some manual control over your camera. Learn how to use exposure compensation and your camera's histogram mode to ensure properly exposed night shots. (3 min. 35 sec.)

  • Bringing light to the darkness: Fill Flash (Advanced)

    Advanced photographers looking to step up their night photography may want to incorporate flash units or studio strobes to create dramatic nocturnal images. This video provides guidelines to help you get started blending artificial light, or fill-flash with ambient light at night. These techniques are for more advanced photographers who have a sound understanding of setting their exposure manually and are comfortable adjusting their flash exposure compensation. (3 min. 44 sec.)

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