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The background of a picture will look different depending on whether it was taken at wide angle (W) or zoomed in at telephoto (T). When taking wide angle shots, a larger area will appear in the picture which can sometimes help put your subject in context. When zoomed in, the view is narrower and the background is often less clear. When taking pictures inside a greenhouse, where there are many artificial objects in the background, you may want to blur the background in order to emphasize the main subject.

Here's how. First, focus on the subject at wide angle. Then, zoom in to telephoto to enlarge the subject while slowly stepping away until you are able to refocus on the subject. Note: the minimum focusing distance will be longer at telephoto. Note that when you use the super macro mode, the zoom is fixed and you will need to be very close to the subject to blur the background.

Using the Macro Mode to Get Closer Pictures

Using Macro Mode vs. Super Macro Mode for Blur
It is possible to get closer to the subject by using the Super Macro mode, but because zoom will be locked at wide angle in this mode, normal Macro mode, while zoomed in (T) can be better for blurring the background.

Zoom Tips

When you are close to the subject and zoomed in (T), the background becomes blurred more easily. Additionally, the greater the distance between the subject and the background, the greater this tendency to blur becomes.

When shooting wide angle (W) or zoomed out while close to the subject, a more powerful picture can be achieved with the subject seeming to loom larger and things in the distance seeming smaller and further away. The closer to the subject, the stronger this effect becomes, while using the Macro mode enables a more pronounced effect at these close distances.