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All cameras have a limited range of focus. When you get too close to a subject, the camera may not be able to focus where you want. Try using the macro mode (). Camera models that have a normal minimum focal distance of 50 cm allow you to get as close as 20 cm from the subject in macro mode. Some models will let you get as close as a few centimeters. Before taking the picture, press the shutter button halfway and check that the AF confirmation mark lights up on the monitor. If you want to get even closer, use the super macro mode. Just remember that in super macro mode the position of the zoom is fixed and cannot be changed.

Maybe you have tried to take pictures of a cat only to find out that the focus is not on its face but somewhere in the background.
The reason is because you were closer than the minimum distance needed for the focus. By using the macro mode when taking a picture, you can get closer to the subject.

Using the Macro Mode to Get Closer Pictures

Get Rid of that Red-Eye

Sometimes when photographing your pet using the camera’s flash, the picture has the animal version of red-eye. Red-eye is caused by the flash illuminating the retina of the eye when the pupil is dilated in low-light situations. The retina in the human eye appears red in photographs, but in dogs and cats it may appear green or blue in color.

The OLYMPUS Master software bundled with your camera has Red-Eye correction options for your pet’s pictures.

In the Toolbar, click on the Edit Palette icon. Then, on the right side of the window, select Red-Eye. Clicking on the Manual button highlights the color options for Red-Eye corrections, which include Green and Blue.